They're for kids.  So we could go ahead claim we made this one for ours.  After all, you're never too young to enjoy a really good fort.

But really, Camden didn't get to experience our creation until the next morning when the three of us ate cereal/milk and watched Looney Tunes.  Camden discovered gravity as he wriggled to the edge of the mattress and dove off headfirst.  Luckily his mama had quick reflexes and a camera in hand.

The night before he slept in his crib while his crazy parents watched a kid movie and ate pizza in the low-hanging fort.

Can I just say: how great is Wreck It Ralph?  So.  Great.  I loved everything about it.

Maybe it's weird that we build forts and watch kid's movies while our kid is asleep.  But let's be honest here, I never grew out of those.  Heck, I never really grew out of a lot of kid stuff.  Sidewalk chalk, running through sprinklers, making spaceships out of cardboard boxes... there's a delicious aftertaste of childhood that makes me so excited to dive in again--this time as a mom.

Oh hey, didn't see you there from behind my elephant.

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