See Ya Sis

My sister is now a Sister!  Sister Collett: a missionary in the St. Louis, Missouri mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Her decision to serve didn't surprise any of us, I don't think.  She's outgoing and outspoken about her beliefs, with an incredibly strong testimony and a fierce love for people.  This girl is going to do great things and love a lot of people in Missouri.

But we're going to miss her.  It's crazy to think that in 18 months she will return to a walking, talking Camden!  I told her that we will keep a picture of her in the house and talk to Camden about her all the time so that he will know who she is.

Camden and I went to Mexico to spend time with her before she left- a last hurrah.

Some of my dad's family also came to town from Utah.  We loved seeing Aunts Randy and Wanda, who loved seeing Camden.  {Little show stealer ;-)}

It was beautiful in Mexico, but we missed Roy.  He's been working crazy hard with school and his other law activities.  Sometimes it seems like I only see him while we're brushing our teeth in the morning.  So even though Mexico was a nice break from home, I was glad it was only for a few days.  I missed my teeth brushing companion.

Camden's first border crossing was a success.  The officers just glanced at the carseat and didn't even ask to see any paperwork {yes, I was paranoid and brought not only his birth certificate, but our wedding certificate}.

So we made it back for Alexa's goodbye party at my parent's house.  Tons of people came out to support her.  She was smothered in love and good wishes.

Good food, good people, and a good-looking future for my little sis.

We got one last sentimental diaper change in before we said goodbye for 18 months.

Love you, Lex!  Somehow I don't think Camden will be able to forget you.

Anyone who wants to write her can get her contact info from her Facebook page under "info".  Write her!  She will love it!

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