Nap Slap

Aw, a sleeping angel.

Okay, the fact that I took a picture should clue you in here-- this is a momentous occasion.  He's sound asleep, and he's not in my arms!  Ah, sweet victory!

Who knew something so simple could make me so happy?  Look!  Time to write!  Or maybe I should be showering?  Anyway, this is a little part of parenthood I wasn't prepared for.  No one warned me about the nap slap.

nap slap (n.) to be slapped in the face with the reality that your child will not nap during the day, which will leave you without a life of your own or the ability to accomplish even the most menial tasks.

I know every baby has his or her little things.  Like sensitive skin or milk allergies or what have you.  Camden, bless his little heart, hates missing out on the fun during the day.  He wants to be up and partying at all times, preferably always attached to me.  By noon this leaves me still in my pajamas, ravenously trying to eat an energy bar with one hand while rocking the baby in the other.  This nap slap has me unraveling.

Camden is a perfect nighttime sleeper.  In fact, he officially sleeps through the night!  Even if he does get up to eat, he'll go right back down in his crib and babble to himself until he falls back asleep.  But Heaven help you if he so much as glimpses his crib during daylight hours.  You'd think I was trying to stick him in a pot of boiling water!

For a while I let this frustrate me.  I read the books, I tried their tricks, I tried their schedules.  I asked advice from lots of other mamas, but none seemed to have my same problem.  Online I found that there are thousands going through the exact same thing we are, but the advice there was only disheartening.  "Stick it out, the baby will get it in a few months!"

"But we don't have a few months!" I told Roy.  "I'm going back to work!"  I imagined Roy stuck in this position all day and unable to get any studying done for his classes.

So one day Camden and I were battling it out with this desperate timeline in the forefront of my mind.  I was trying to convince him to sleep in his pack n' play.  His car seat.  His bouncer.  Anywhere but in my arms!  The frustration was exhausting me.  And then he suddenly looked up at me and gave me his big cheesy smile.

Oh, that kid knows how to play me.

Since that gummy grin, we're dancing to a different tune.  I do what works.  Sometime's that leaves me trying to work the computer mouse with my foot, and sometimes {if I'm lucky} that leaves me going for an hour drive in the car.  I try the crib sometimes, ready for the day when he realizes his crib is awesome.  But for now I just try not to forget how short this time is.  He's changing so fast, and soon he won't be able to sleep in my arms anymore.  So I smile and hug him close and watch the forty billionth episode of Friends.  He's still just a tiny guy, and I don't want to rush his growing up.

But he is growing up a little every day.  He has discovered toys:


And he can actually kind of reach for them and {of course} pull them toward his mouth.

Best of all: he laughs!
Roy takes Cam for the first hour in the morning, letting me get an extra bit of sleep.  One morning I woke up to the sweetest, head-thrown-back type of laughter.  It's so clear and high-pitched, like someone's rocking out with a wind chime.  Roy was playing with his feet and the kid was just cracking up over and over.  I thought I was going to melt.

Uncle Zac is able to get him to laugh too.  He and Camden are total buds.

Training him early

On a completely unrelated note; Camden had his first set of immunizations.  He's a tough little guy, but his mama is a teary mess when he's in pain.  When the nurse asked me to "hold him down" on the table, I wanted to pick up my baby and run screaming from the building!  But it was lightening fast and he only cried for a minute.  He's a warrior.

Love this life.

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