Arranged Friendship

Two weeks ago Camden met his best friend for the first time.

 Roy Camden + Kenneth Cade = BFFs

Long before these boys were born their parents arranged their eternal best friendship.  The only obstacle {other than the slight chance that these boys will have wills of their own} is distance.  Despite our extreme persuasive abilities, the McAffees still live in Utah.  

But there are friends worth driving 12 hours for, even worth consoling a crying baby on a crowded airplane for.  Lucky for us, both the Tietjens and the McAffees agree.  Thus, our kids will basically think that they're cousins.

Kenny couldn't make it down.  The joys of having a real world job, right?  But for months Andrea and I had planned her and baby Cade's trip for their fateful meeting.  Speaking of fate... of course poor Cade got sick just a week before the trip.  We mommies stressed each other out with what ifs and debating whether or not they should still come down.

After ironing out a few rules, we decided they should still come.  By the time they got here Cade was almost 100%, but we still followed our strict anti-sickness protocol.  We sanitized doorknobs like crazy people, washed our hands between babies, and we kept them far, far apart.

Poor Cade, watching the other baby get played with!

Of course that was sad.  It wasn't the epic meeting we had originally planned, but we still bent the rules enough for some pictures.

Totally worth the risk.

It was a fantastic week.  We didn't hit up any touristy spots, we didn't visit my family--heck!  We barely stepped outside of the house!  We did our normal daily routines, but together.  Nursing?  Cleaning spit up off the couch?  Rocking babies to sleep?  Sooo much more fun when there's another mama and baby doing it all along side you.

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