C's Second Month

- Camden can lift his head and turn it while on his tummy.  We don't practice this one very often because it inevitably ends in tears while he repeatedly beats his face into the carpet.  Tummy time is traumatic.
- Smiling comes easily and frequently.
- He's begun babbling, gurgling, and squealing in delight.  I die.
- Toys and books are starting to catch his attention.
- He's realized that those flailing limbs are actually a part of him.  Though he still doesn't have a ton of control, he can insert a fist in his mouth on purpose.
- Does chunking up count as a milestone?  Because he's the chunky champ!  He's got baby rolls on his arms and legs now. :-)

What he likes:
- Bath time!  Ahhh, so relaxing.

- Bouncy nursery rhyme songs.  Lullabies and other such nonsense won't cut it, but a good round of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" can dry up tears.

- Drooling!  It's impressive how much liquid comes oozing out of this kid's mouth.  And then dripping all over me.

- When anyone talks to him, sings to him, or tickles him.  I swear he is so close to laughing!  He just throws his head back and smiles so huge, he doesn't even know what to do with himself.

- He still loves his carseat.  He could chill in there all day.

- He loves being toted around with me.  There was a three week period where he didn't like being more than five inches away from me, so this was how we coped.

Funny things:
- One of Camden's favorite games {games are pretty basic right now} is "I'm a Little Teapot."  We move his arms into the positions of the "handle" and the "spout" and then we "tip him over and pour him out."  Big smiles!  So one day we performed for my dad and Zac.  But when it came time to tip, Camden noisily loaded up his diaper.  Perfect male humor moment.
- Let me tell you how intense his love for nursery rhymes is: The three of us were going to dinner in town- a thirty minute drive.  Camden rarely cries in his carseat, but that night he wasn't happy about it.  The moment we started singing "Old McDonald" he quieted down.  Whenever we stopped singing, or paused for too long, he would start up again.  So let me tell you, that was a long drive.  Old McDonald had a dolphin, a zebra, a tarantula {it goes creepy crawly here and a creepy crawly there, if you were wondering} and a slew of every animal we could possibly think of.  We got to the restaurant sans tears, but with scratchy voices.
- There was a day when not only did Camden need to change his outfit twice, but so did I.  Twice.  I'll spare you the the details.

I love that right now I get to spend all day with him. But my favorite time comes in the dark hours of the night when his fuzzy head is nestled in the hallow of my neck and I feel his sweet breath on my skin as I rock him back to sleep.  It's then that I'm groggily dreaming about his future and our future as a family.  

But I don't let myself do that during the day.  I live and breathe the little moments, the sweet baby smells, the squeals and the drool.  There's tickling and smiling and singing to be done- I need to be immersed in it.  After all, I doubt Camden will ever find me this entertaining again.

The Nursery

Here is where our baby dreams

And plays

And learns

And grows bigger every day!

Stir CraZy!

It was crisp and sunny out.  A perfect Arizona winter day, and I could only view it through our blinds.  No, I decided to end my house arrest then and there.  I refused to keep holed up inside for yet another 24 hours!  I'd been too chicken to brave the outside world with my newborn more than a handful of times, but enough was enough!  Six weeks of almost nothing but the inside of a house does something to a person.  Makes 'em CrAzY!

I got dressed {a mini miracle}, bundled up Cam, put him in his carseat, snapped the carseat onto the stroller, and headed for the park.  We were actually outside!  Ah!  It was so refreshing.  So rejuvenating.  So-- oh crap!  Camden started crying when we were halfway to the park.  He didn't even bother to build up to it, he just filled up his lungs and belted it like a banshee!  I stopped and checked to be sure he wasn't hurt, stroked his face, adjusted his blanket, sang to him, tried to give him a binky... heck, I would have done a cartwheels if it would've made him happy!

While I tended to him I kept pushing the stroller with my hips, not wanting to stay in one place for too long since I was sure people inside their homes were saying to one another, "Do you hear that screeching?  What kind of horrible mother has her tiny baby outside in this cold weather?"  Then they'd surely peep out their windows to memorize my face so they could give a good description when they call child services.

Retreat!  Retreat!  I gave up trying to soothe, spun the stroller around and booked it back to our house.  Probably the fastest I've moved since I was two months pregnant.  I just didn't know what to do or how to help him out there.  It was new territory and I wasn't ready!

By the time I got to our driveway he was fine.  There were a few tiny shuttered breaths and then quiet.  I lifted the cover to see him snoozing away.

Oh.  All he needed was some sleep, and running like an idiot did the trick.  Wonderful!

But in all seriousness, going out will never be the same again.  Not only do I need to learn tricks to soothe him outside of our home {imagine me madly retreating from Home Depot}, but preparing to leave is like preparing for a road trip.  First there's the diaper bag, which is humongous and packed with extra clothes and diapers etc.  Then there's all of his gadgets to make sure he is safe wherever we are traveling.  It's a lot!

I'm learning, though.  Slowly but surely I'll get this down.  I've got to, because I can't stay cooped up in the safety of this house forever!