So This is Parenthood

Camden peed on Roy.  Soaked him!  We were bathing him in the kitchen when the stream shot into a perfect arch, made some serious distance, and splattered all over Roy's shirt.  We were so shocked, we didn't do anything but wheel our arms in the air and laugh/scream while Roy just absorbed it all.

A lot of people have asked us how we are adjusting to parenthood.  Let me tell you, it's a major lifestyle change.  Sometimes we feel like we don't know what we're doing.  But honestly, I'm loving it.

Being up at 3 am every morning isn't easy for me.  In fact, Roy has to practically slap me across the face to wake me up when it's time to feed Cam.  Apparently I've become a remarkably heavy sleeper since having a child.  But when I do finally wake up, a thrill goes through me.  A thought of: Oh yeah!  We have a BABY!

Bliss is the best word I can think of to fit the feeling.  It's not that it isn't difficult or that I don't occasionally get spit-up down my back, but all of that is overshadowed by the smell of his hair, his silky soft cheeks, the way he stares at me or responds to the sound of my voice, and knowing how fleeting this time is.  Newborns are only newborns for a breath, and I'm clinging to every moment.

Who knows how long he will snuggle like this.

I think it's been a little harder than Roy expected.  Harder in that he can't get as much done.  Like me, Roy always wants to be holding him and playing with him, but sometimes it's hard to be typing up papers at the same time.

Roy is a great daddy.  He took the opposite roll and became an incredibly light sleeper.  A peep gets him up out of bed and checking on the little guy.  It's not unusual for me to wake up with Camden having joined us in bed.  We actually love having him sleep in bed with us, but we're trying to leave him in the pack n' play now.  It's a challenge for Roy.

It seems like a lot has already changed or progressed since the day we got home from the hospital.  On that day the Tietjens had decorated, welcoming Camden home.  They even left us chocolates and sparkling cider.  Other friends and family brought us flowers, meals, and gifts for Cam.

The best was having Mom there to help out.  Healing from a c-section is serious business, and I don't think I would have healed as quickly without Mom being there and taking the baby for those first few nights.  She's an angel.

Okay and I have to include this cute picture of the grandpa.

After Mom left and Roy was at school and I found myself doing this on my own, there was the pull to feel overwhelmed.  There were times he would cry and I honestly didn't know what was wrong or how to make it better.  You wonder if you're doing this whole parenting thing completely wrong.

But there's not enough time to dwell on those kinds of things!  There's snuggling to be had!

And now that Roy has a little bit more time {although he still has papers to write} we are venturing from our home just a little.  Today we took him on his first walk.

And on Thursday I think I'll take him on a quick trip to Babies R Us.  Woo!  Pack the diaper bag, we're getting wild!

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