Getting to Know Camden

Babies come pre-programmed with a personality.  Since Roy finished his finals a few days ago, our little family has hunkered down at home and been loving the chance we have to get to know our new addition.

We quickly learned that Camden is muy fuerte.  This kid is hitting the gym when I'm asleep, I swear.  I mean, most people can feel safe turning their backs on their newborn for a moment when he or she is up on a bed or changing table.  Not us!  Camden tries to catapult himself into the air with his crazy flailing legs!  We're constantly keeping a close eye on him.

Mr. Muscles was holding his head up when he was still in the hospital!  While this amazed many-a-nurse, I rationalize that he arrived late.  He was pretty much born a three-week-old.  By now {at truly three weeks} he's mastered holding up that bobble head and swivels it around with ease.

Speaking of swiveling... once when I was burping him after a feeding, he swiveled right around and latched his mouth onto my chin.  He started to suck away like my chin was going to produce something tasty.  Ha!  I thought it was pretty funny so, naturally, I got out my phone and started taking pictures.

It wasn't until that night when I was getting ready for bed that I noticed the purple hickey he'd given me on my chin!  Whaat?!  Now I avoid that suction hose.  He's given himself a few hickeys on his own arms, which makes it look like his parents beat him.  Fabulous.

Camden has many facial expressions that I love.  My favorite is always so fleeting that I haven't caught a good picture of it yet.  As soon as I do I'll be sure to post it, but how about a description to hold you over?  He makes a perfect, tight little "o" with his lips and looks around all wide-eyed.  Ah, melts my heart every time.  That and his smiles.  He happens to think I'm hilarious.

I also think he's hilarious.  We just sit around and make faces at each other.

His most frequent expression is one that Roy calls his "Curmudgeon Face."  And let's be honest, it does make him look like a cranky old man.

He prefers sucking on our fingers to a binky.

Or like The Brain.

The only thing funnier than his facial expressions: his sleeping positions.  His arms either have to be over his head

 or straight up in the air.  Totally normal, right?

Camden has his mom and dad completely wrapped around his little finger.  We think every tiny thing he does is a sign of genius.  Even a burp is enough to merit "ooo"s and "aww"s.  Our iPhone storage is maxed out with video and pictures.

The fact is, no matter what kind of tiny personality is in there, we will love him.  It's a complete unconditional love like I've never felt before.  And it's made me think; it must be how God feels about us, His children.  You know, loves us even without us doing anything to earn it.  Loves us just because we are His.

Being a parent, loving on our little boy, catching a glimpse of God's love for us, is bliss.

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  1. ohmygossshhhh!!!! i love seeing all these newborn shots! i love it! he is such a little stud, i wish we lived closer so Bronx and him could play!