Gust of Peppermint

2012 made a stealthy exit this year.  Granted, we were a little distracted with a brand new lifestyle, but I felt like the Christmas season really blew past us in a gust of peppermint.

The week before the big day my parents and siblings went on a Caribbean cruise that had been on the calendar for almost a year.  Originally it was supposed to be a "last hurrah" trip for the Colletts--"last hurrah" being defined as a final family vacation before any other members are added to the family by birth or marriage.

Yeah... they got reimbursed for mine and Roy's tickets- ha!

Of course we'd pick Camden over a cruise every time.  Duh, not even a question.  But we would have loved to take him to the Caribbean for his first vacation. ;-)  Luckily he didn't mind settling for his first sleepover at Grammy's house instead.  We stayed to take care of Rambo, the family dog.

While the family was gone we went Christmas tree shopping and set it up, filling the house with the scent of pine and ready for when everyone got home on Christmas eve.

On Christmas eve the family was back, we were all snuggled in our matching Christmas pajamas, and we were putting our new 2012 ornaments on the tree, when I remembered this would be the last year that we would be with my family.  Next year, with a mobile one-year-old, we will be starting our own traditions.  Maybe I'll get us our own matching Christmas pajamas!  It's an exciting prospect, but it also made me feel all mushy and sentimental as we all watched A Christmas Story together.  Love my fam.

Aaand I love my little elf!

We had a big breakfast, emptied our stockings, and exchanged gifts before celebrating Roy's birthday.

Then, as we do every year, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Reay's for some yummy Mexican eating with our cousins/aunts/uncles.  Camden met a lot of new people, and he had more to meet once we got home!

Roy's parents and sisters came to visit!

Having the Buckmasters with us for the week spoiled us like crazy!  At the slightest sign of discomfort Camden had three aunts and a grandma jumping up to soothe him.  I always had someone to hand him off to when I had to get something done.  The baby got to sleep in the arms of someone who loves him at all times.

I was also able to leave the house without Camden for the first time, since we had plenty of people willing to babysit.  We went to Winterhaven to see Christmas lights,

we went on a tour of the copper mine down the street {I missed that last time},

and we even saw a movie.  Camden actually joined us on that one, and he did pretty well.  Les Miserabl√©s was his very first movie experience.  Even though we were on the second row he slept through almost the whole movie.  It wasn't until the guns started going off that he woke up.  He didn't like the guns much.

We spent one evening at my parents house celebrating Roy's birthday all together.  Mom made him apple cobbler, one of his most favorite desserts.

We spent an afternoon with Jamie's family {Leah's husband} which was really fun.  Plus we had Zac take some Buckmaster family pictures in the desert.

One of my favorite parts of the week was Camden's baby blessing at church.  I've grown up seeing countless babies blessed by their fathers or grandfathers in sacrament meeting.  It was absolutely surreal to see my own baby up there with all the men I love most around him.  It was very special.  And he looked very cute.

Camden already misses his grandparents and crazy aunts.

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas.  What was my favorite gift this year?  Let me tell you...

Late Christmas night Roy and Camden and I were hanging out with Kirsten on her bed.  We were cooing at Camden and being ridiculous {babies bring it out in you} when he suddenly broke out in a huge open-mouthed grin.  It was different from his little gassy smiles.  His eyes were locked on Roy's, he was very aware that his daddy was talking to him.  Just a moment later he locked eyes with me and gave me a giant smile too.  He loves us!!!

Now we know exactly what to do to get that grin: tickle his checks, look in his eyes, and talk to him in an excited, high-pitched voice.  He just loves us loving him, and it's the sweetest feeling ever.

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