C's One Month

- Camden can lift his head and swivel it all around.  
- He's learned to focus on things close up without crossing his eyes too much, and he can see things from fairly far away too.  
- He discovered he likes to suck on his fists and anything else that dares get too close to his mouth.  
- Best of all, he's learned to smile in response to his mom and dad's smiles.  Our favorite it his crooked smile with one eye scrunched up.

What he likes:
- He likes to be bounced.  
- He likes to hear his daddy sing silly songs.    
- He likes both of his grandmas because they always know just what to do to calm him or get him to fall asleep.  
- He loves the fan.  Especially when it moves slowly.  He and the fan will have staring contests for ten minutes straight.  
- He likes waking up at 5am for the day.  That's too early for us, but he won't go back to sleep unless we bring him to snuggle in bed with us.
- He likes his carseat and takes his best naps in it.

What he doesn't like:
- Being left alone {or thinking that he's been left alone, anyway}.
- Baths.
- When Mom suddenly sneezes while he is half asleep and nursing.

Funny Things:
- Camden snores occasionally.  
- He has given several people hickies on their arms, hands, and chins.  
- Sometimes he farts so loud he startles himself.  He throws his arms and legs straight out and looks around like, "What was that?!"  
- The force of his own sneezes causes him to smack himself in the face with both hands.  He doesn't seem to mind.
- When he's eating {or even just thinking really extra hard} he puts his pointer finger up against his temple.  This happens seriously almost every time.
- A few weeks after he was born he lost a lot of his hair on the front park of his head, but it's really thick in the back.  Roy is a little self conscious for him. ;-p
- Whenever he is smiling like crazy and a camera emerges, he promptly assumes a grumpy face.
- He does have, however, countless funny expressions.  My favorite is the Zoolander face:

In one month he lost one pound and then gained two.  Every day he seems to be getting bigger!

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