Writing As of Late

As an aspiring writer, I've noticed a rather humongous drawback to my desk job.  You see, I spend the majority of eight hours boring my eyeballs into a bright computer screen.  By the time I get behind the wheel of my car at the end of the day, I'm seeing floating cursors.  Talk about frying your brain.  Obviously when I get home the last thing my poor eyes want is to be be assaulted by yet another bright computer screen - or even a television screen, iPad screen, phone screen... name a screen, any screen, I don't want to look at it!

Someone get me a typewriter, because otherwise my eyeballs will dry, fall out of their sockets, and I will need to learn braille.  {Actually, Roy did get me a cool typewriter for my 21st birthday when we were dating, but unfortunately it's not in working condition.}  The point is... at the end of the day it's not so easy to bury myself in my bright-screen-related creative projects.

To help motivate myself I've been putting stickers on the calendar like it's a potty training chart.  A sparkly happy face for each day I'm able to achieve my creative writing goals without losing my sanity/eyesight.  {Oh, I also have stickers in Spanish that I found in the dollar bins at Target.  "Buen Trabajo!"}

As you can see from my sticker-studded calendar on display on our bedroom wall {ha!} I am extremely motivated these days to finish my current work in progress.  Blogging, sorry, you take a back seat for now.

But times, they are a-changin'.  In four {five, probably} weeks I'll be a mama on maternity leave, with a nice 12-week break from work computers and plenty to blog about.  I'm telling you, this kid is gonna be pretty great.

Roo is already so active, he has even woken  Roy out of a dead sleep with his sudden midnight wiggles.  We can't wait until he's here!!!

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  1. CUTE picture! You look awesome and I love the hairstyle. Miss you!