Halloween Happened

Squeezing into some costume was not sounding the least bit appealing.  Getting covered in sticky pumpkin guts and having to scrub it off... no.  Busting out my giant plastic box of decorations?  Call me the Halloween Scrooge, but I was just not feeling it this year. 

That's how you know I'm getting a bit uncomfortable at the tail end of this here pregnancy.  There are few things in this universe that could stand between me and my holidays.  And this year we discovered that pregnancy comes pretty dang close... but we still found a way to make Halloween happen.

With Mom's help I still managed to get our house covered in cobwebs, orange and black banners, and candles that smell like pumpkin spice.  {Side note: scented candles are how we make seasons in Arizona.  With temperatures still in the upper 80s, and our prickly trees still green, "seasons" aren't gonna come on their own.  Smelly candles are the secret.}

Roy and I got to decorate our first ever front yard!  It was fun to do together, and I think we did a pretty good job with our styrofoam headstones.

In fact, on Halloween night there was a trick-or-treater across the street who pointed at our yard and said to his mom, "WOW!  Look at their house!  That's cool!"  Thank you, little boy, for making my day.

{I told Roy to "look scared."  Hence the face of terror.}

Roy and I also still managed to get some carving in.  We decided to do something a little different {and involving less guts} and got a butternut squash.

Looks just like his daddy.

 This year we carved with a foreigner who hasn't had a whole ton of experience with Halloween.  Jen is from Sweden, and this was literally her third pumpkin she's ever carved.  She and Kimball do good work.

Turned out cute, huh?  But warning to others who want to try butternut squash- they may have less guts, but they're harder to carve.  On the bright side, they smell exactly like watermelon.  Mmm!

And we still managed to get dressed up.  Just hours before a costume-required Halloween party, I sent out a plea on Facebook for costume ideas for a 9 month pregnant lady and her hubby.  My friend Cassy lent us these shirts, which are awesome.  Even Roo got to be a skeleton!  Then we bought some paint and Roy patiently allowed me to use his face as a canvas.  So fun!

Then we had our own little get together of cider and doughnuts.  I'm thinking this will have to become a new Halloween tradition.

The actual night of Halloween Roy and I stayed in, had orange and black sprinkled waffles, watched scary movies, and handed out candy.  Mostly Roy handed out candy.  He forced me to stay on the couch with my tree trunk ankles propped up on pillows. 

It was funny to watch Roy interact with the trick-or-treaters.  He'd kneel down for the really little ones and tell them how cute/scary/awesome they looked. 

Once I heard: "One for the princess, one for the spider, and one for the ballerina."
"I'm a kitty cat."
"Oh.  Sorry."


And then there are the families that come up from Mexico for the holiday.  Roy knelt in front of an adorable little pirate who held out his bag in front of him.

"What do you say?" Roy prompted.
The little boy just kind of jiggled his bag, looked at his sister who looked at their mom.  The woman rattled something off in Spanish and then the boy said something along the lines of, "Tricky trrreat!"

I think they and a lot of other smaller trick-or-treaters avoided our neighbor to our left, who really goes all out.  He blasted some creepy music, had a bloody head on a spike- you know, all the real scary stuff.  He even hid in the darkest corner of his porch to jump out and scare people.  It was pretty hilarious.  Our neighborhood was awesome, with tons of houses all decked out in orange lights or with big ghosts cascading from their trees or big blow-up spiders over their doorways, and kids in costume all up and down the sidewalks.

Although I kind of love chilling and handing out candy... or watching Roy hand out candy... I'm excited to be roaming the streets with our own little monster next year.

Baby Showers!

I was in the stroller aisle of Babies "R" Us, scanner gun in hand, when I first began to feel the panic.  How are there forty thousand different brands and types of strollers?  How can they possibly be needed for for so many different activities?  I mean, there's the jogging stroller, which of course you'll need for taking your baby along for your daily run.  Then there's the must-have travel system, where you can click the car seat in and out.  But wait, those are too bulky for quick outings, so of course you need an umbrella stroller... it goes on.  For everything.

Reading reviews of baby products on my phone while drifting through the store didn't really seem to help.  If anything it freaked me out- made me feel like I had to find the perfect everything; the perfect rocking chair, the perfect bathtub, the perfect diaper pail.  Like our baby will not grow up to be a fully functioning member of society if his leak-proof crib sheets are not made of organic materials!

Luckily, my first-time mother anxiety attacks are treatable. 
One- I have the most chilled and relaxed husband who refuses to get ridiculously stressed out over anything.  Just being in the same room as him has immediate positive affects. 
Two- Baby showers!!!

Ah, I love being surrounded by mamas who have been there.  I love hearing their stories and what they've learned from their experiences.  Not only is it usually entertaining {because parenting is really quite hilarious} but it helps me feel like I'm not alone.  I'm not the first woman in the world to have a baby, I don't have to figure it out on my own, I have a community of mamas who've got my back.  I LOVE that.

I was lucky enough to have two showers thrown for Roo and I.  Two showers with two very different groups of mamas.

Our first shower: thrown by my mother, aunts, and grandma.  Plus with lots of help from the Masseys.

Most of the attendees that night have been there done that times four-- now with grown children and/or grandbabies!  These are ladies I've known for the better part of my life, and I love every one of them.  Being in a house filled with these women I've always looked up to was pretty great.  Plus there were cookies.

Of course, it was Reay party perfection.  I asked my photographer of a brother to make sure he captured the night.  After taking a few pre-party shots, he slunk away and kept to the far corners of the house.  Apparently it's awkward being a 16-year-old boy hanging around swarms of women.  SO- sadly I don't have many pictures.

Lynn and I thinking we're pretty funny.

 It was was so fun having my old buddy there.  It happened to be the first baby shower she has ever attended, which was evident when she mistook a diaper cake for an actual, edible cake.

Or when I held up a sleeping sack and she asked, "But how is he going to walk?"

Amazing food, great advice, lots of gifts, and plenty of of belly-jiggling laughter.  The night couldn't have been better. 

Our second shower: thrown by Elisha and my friends down in Sahuarita.  This is a group of mamas in the throws of parenthood.  The ones who lug around full diaper bags while in high heels and looking hawt.  This is where I've been getting recommendations for pediatricians, sleep scheduling, name it.  I've asked them. 

We had fun decorating onesies, eating, laughing, opening gifts, all just sprawled around Elisha's porch and living room.  It was relaxed and perfect. 

Sadly, I failed at pictures yet again and forgot my camera.  Genie took initiative and snagged some on her phone, so hopefully I'll add those to this post soon.

Between the showers, mailed gifts, and hand-me-downs from generous friends, we are so well prepared {at least as far as material things}, hence my stress level has gone down to practically nonexistent.  Thank you everyone for your love and support! 

We may not have organic crib sheets, but with this army behind us, we're going to be much more than fine.

Magic Act

For my first trick, I will make my ankles disappear!


Cheers to the joys of pregnancy!

Writing As of Late

As an aspiring writer, I've noticed a rather humongous drawback to my desk job.  You see, I spend the majority of eight hours boring my eyeballs into a bright computer screen.  By the time I get behind the wheel of my car at the end of the day, I'm seeing floating cursors.  Talk about frying your brain.  Obviously when I get home the last thing my poor eyes want is to be be assaulted by yet another bright computer screen - or even a television screen, iPad screen, phone screen... name a screen, any screen, I don't want to look at it!

Someone get me a typewriter, because otherwise my eyeballs will dry, fall out of their sockets, and I will need to learn braille.  {Actually, Roy did get me a cool typewriter for my 21st birthday when we were dating, but unfortunately it's not in working condition.}  The point is... at the end of the day it's not so easy to bury myself in my bright-screen-related creative projects.

To help motivate myself I've been putting stickers on the calendar like it's a potty training chart.  A sparkly happy face for each day I'm able to achieve my creative writing goals without losing my sanity/eyesight.  {Oh, I also have stickers in Spanish that I found in the dollar bins at Target.  "Buen Trabajo!"}

As you can see from my sticker-studded calendar on display on our bedroom wall {ha!} I am extremely motivated these days to finish my current work in progress.  Blogging, sorry, you take a back seat for now.

But times, they are a-changin'.  In four {five, probably} weeks I'll be a mama on maternity leave, with a nice 12-week break from work computers and plenty to blog about.  I'm telling you, this kid is gonna be pretty great.

Roo is already so active, he has even woken  Roy out of a dead sleep with his sudden midnight wiggles.  We can't wait until he's here!!!