Feeling Intensely

Here's a little something you should try:

Next time something happens to you {which really should be any second now} think about how that something is making you feel.  Grab onto that, dig your nails in and don't let go.  Feel it with everything you've got, a burning intensity, with a passion that fills you to the brim.

That's my new project for myself:  To feel more intensely.

Some big things are happening in my life right now, and I know almost all of them are fleeting.  Already gone are the days of feeling little flutterings inside me, getting giddy over the slightest movement that could easily be mistaken for bad lettuce.  Now I get rib-wrenching thumps!  Even as I watch this little guy rolling beneath my skin, I know that this too will be a memory in just a blink.  Next thing you know I'll be sending him off to kindergarten.  Or college!!!

Robert Frost said, “In three words I can sum up everything I know about life: It goes on.”

I can't freeze moments, although I can try to keep a ghost of them in pictures and writing.  Time to start savoring--the good, the bad, the scary, the exciting--because I believe by doing that you are  living more fully.  Learning more deeply.  Loving more openly.

So here I am, intensely loving this bump.  I've still got ten weeks to go, and I'm sure they'll fly by.

Other things we are savoring:

** Roy started school again.  The opportunity of him being in law school is really a blessing.  Someday he'll have a job with clients and bosses and most likely a healthy helping of pressure.  School is such a short time, and we're keeping that in mind as he heads off on semester number three.

**My 24th birthday happened!  When Roy asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told him I didn't really need anything.  I said, "Just find a way to surprise me."  Who doesn't love surprises on their birthday?

So when a little elderly man busted into my office with a bouquet of flowers and balloons, I knew just what was up.  Even without reading the card that said simply, "SURPRISE!"

Eryn decorated the office for me, my boss took us out to lunch, and my best friend showed up with flowers and hilarious stories.  That night we went out with my parents and grandparents to a Spanish restaurant, which had a live band and all kinds of weird tapas.  LOVED it.  Then we extended the celebrations into Sunday dinner and ice cream cake.  Everyone made me feel so special and loved the whole weekend.  Blessed to be surrounded by all these amazing people.

**Labor day took us to the White Mountains.  Mason and Zac came up with us and we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa at their cabin.  Show Roy a few trees and he's on cloud nine.  Poor deprived Oregon kid... he misses greenery.  Intensely.  

Well, that's enough intensity for one day, I think.  Now it's time to savor some shuteye. 

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  1. I love this :) Miss you so much! Roo is so lucky to have such an amazing mama :)