The bump has finally arrived!

And it has brought with it a few new challenges.  Like fitting through doorways.  Ha!

In all seriousness, what I didn't expect from having a bump were all the smiles.  Now that it's totally obvious that I'm expecting, I can't go anywhere in public without people smiling at me.  I think most of them are "oh how sweet" kind of smiles.  But every so often I think I catch a "oh she has no idea what she's in for" kind of smile.  :-)

The bump is also a conversation magnet.  Every single person who comes within a twenty foot radius of me feels compelled to strike up a conversation.  Conversation with no filters, I might add.

Some are sweet.  Enter elderly man:

"Six months along?"

"Yes, actually, six and a half."

"Congratulations.  That makes you the most beautiful woman in the building.  Pregnant women have a really special beauty about them."

Some are really not so sweet.  Enter bank lady:

"Any day now, huh?"

"Well, no... I still have almost three months."

"You poor thing."


But I kind of like the recognition, the nods, the happiness that growing life brings to random strangers.  It makes me feel empowered, like I'm doing something truly awesome.  Even the slightly weird conversations confirm that fact.

And I really do think that growing a little person is probably the awesomest thing I've ever done.  Sure, I don't sleep much anymore, and I find myself short of breath just walking from the couch to the refrigerator, but feeling this little ninja kick and bounce inside me is something I'll never forget.  Currently, it's impossible to forget.

I was reading up on pregnancy {like a good mama-to-be} when I read that I should be counting kicks.  It stated that a mama should feel ten kicks, or movements, an hour.  It continued by saying, "If you do not feel at least ten kicks in two hours, contact your doctor immediately."

Whoa!  All of a sudden I got a little panicky feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Did he kick that much?  Was it enough?  I couldn't be sure, so I got a sticky note, wrote the hour, and held my pen at the ready.  Barely a second passed before I got karate chopped in the ribs.  I gleefully scratched a tally onto my sticky note. 

Less than four minutes later, I had ten beautiful tally marks.  I laughed at myself for worrying about his movement.  It may be true that I don't have another pregnancy to compare this one to, but I'm pretty sure this kid is WIGGLY.  Movement is his forte.

It makes me wonder whether this is any indication of what he'll be like outside of the womb.  Do we have a hyper-active, soccer playing ball of energy?  Maybe a spirited gymnast?  A drummer?  AH- I'm trying not to be impatient, but I'm so excited for him to show us who he is.

Roy, if you were wondering, is completely chill about the whole thing.  Just like he was with our wedding, just like he is with everything that gives me the jitters.  Good thing I have him as an anchor in this wild and crazy life.

Powell of 2012

Lake Powell is synonymous with summer.

Since I was a kid I’ve looked forward to it for so many different reasons.

Guiltless Otter Pop eating

 Overload of endorphins (Btw, if sunshine releases happy-inducing chemicals, spontaneous sunshine circle rainbows gets you straight up high on life)

Family lovin'

Fun Friends


Spontaneous Adventures

And there's something about this lake water that seems to drain everyone of common sense...
Which is really fun to watch.

(Zac's face- haha!)

We’ve been often enough that sometimes it’s hard to peel apart the memories from different trips.  Each summer melts into the next, and you find you can’t remember which time it was that so-and-so belly flopped off the 40-foot cliff, or how long ago it was when the huge storm slammed the boat sideways into the shore.
But this year, I will never forget.  This year was obscenely different.  This year…

I was pregnant.  As was my friend Andrea, just a few months ahead of me!

My doctor let me know that it's not a smart idea to cliff jump while pregnant.  Or wakeboard.  Or jump wakes on the jet ski.  Or doing anything resembling this:

So you might think I brought a tote of books, a floppy hat, and planned to nap it up.

Well I brought the hat...

But Andrea and I decided we were the hardcore type of pregnant ladies.

We went exploring a lot.

We went kayaking a lot. {Yes, that's me tipped over... still adjusting to the extra weight ;-)}

And we went on boat rides {as long as the water wasn't too choppy} as designated photographers.

I know that looks like just a tangle of limbs, but that's actually Roy, Zac, and Mason.

Andrea and I did find a little bit of time for relaxing between all of the activities, and that was just as fun.  It's so great to have friends who are going through the same thing you are, especially when it comes to pregnancy.

I mean, it's nice to not be the only one who can't fit into a men's XL life jacket!

We may have had a little too much fun.  On the last night of the trip, Andrea started feeling some Braxton-Hicks, or "practice contractions."  Eek!  We were glad that we didn't end up coming home with an extra little person!  Because that would totally happen to the high-adventure McAffees... their baby would be born on a boat in the middle of a lake.

We tried to play some games to keep things more mellow.  Look how cute Mom and Dad are playing Settler's of Catan.

The boys did a lot of fishing this trip, although I think Kenny was the only one with a fishing license for Utah.  Roy didn't even have to try.  He just jacked some of Kenny's fishing line, stuck some cheese on the end, and sat on the back of a jet ski it 'til something came a nibbling.

These guys were happy as ever to be reunited.  And they were goofy as ever!  {Annual Powell Talent/less Show}

Lucky us, we got to spend our 2nd Anniversary at one of our favorite places on the planet!

I decorated our little cabin bedroom with paper hearts and cut out spirals.  It pretty much looked like Valentine's Day in a first grade classroom.  :-)

This trip was unlike any other, but we loved it as much as ever.

 {Sunscreen man} 

 {Brother battles}

{Mom does water aerobics on that mat}

{Cooling off in water that is so warm it's almost not refreshing at all!}

{Because she can}

{Dad recovering after being pulled by the jet ski off the slide}

{The culprit}

{Kenny's award winning Mohawk}

{Some Mohawks are scarier than others}

 {National Park Service dudes are volunteers!  Ahem, I'd like to volunteer to spend a whole summer driving around a lil' boat at Lake Powell.}

{Playing with the camera}

{Adventure together}

{Can't wait 'til next year... when we have an 8 month old on the boat!!!!!}