Roy the Builder {and His Cake}

  Birthdays aren’t the only thing that signal aging.  What you want for your birthday really clues you in, too.  I must be getting old/domestic.  I asked for a tiled kitchen floor.

 Our linoleum floors were more grey than they were the original white, and they would not be cleaned.  Even Mr. Clean's magic couldn't work on them.  There were scuffs so deep that they pricked your heels if you weren't careful to step over them.  It was nasty.  {Below you will see the cutest chair ever, but I'm actually trying to show you the gross linoleum.  Try to see past the blindingly awesome peacock colors.}

So Roy's birthday present to me is in the form of hours hunched over the floor measuring, spreading grout, and cutting tile into perfect proportions.  We discovered he's actually pretty good at all of it.  I suggested he build us a whole house someday. ;-)

I helped with some measuring, and also with a little mosaic piece we created to divide the kitchen from the entryway.  It's always more fun when you get to break stuff, so I was all over that- taking a hammer to tile squares to create our crazy-shaped pieces.  However, just that little bit of work was enough to make me black out a few times.  Can you say weakling?

{Look at that beautiful mosaic}

Dad was Roy's little helper ;-)

 He's awesome.

Despite the light-headedness from getting up and down from the floor, I began feeling 100% nausea free!  So I was in the kitchen cooking and cleaning again for the first time in months.  And by cooking I mean zapping things in the microwave.  Our stove and oven were out of order during construction.

And our fridge was in the living room.

 Due to this, I didn’t have the option of baking Roy’s half birthday cake this year.  Of course, the cake still had to match the half theme somehow. Who came to my rescue?  Safeway.  Safeway did, with their pizza slice white cake.  Roy loves pizza, AND it said, "Happy Slice of Birthday Roy."

In retrospect, it would have looked better and more like a pizza if I had skipped the writing altogether.  Oh- and it melted a little bit in the car on my drive home.  But still... this isn't the first time Safeway has saved the day with their amazing cake.

Flashback to our Tucson wedding reception:

It's minutes before the event, the food is out, candles lit, people are spilling into the front door, and we have NO CAKE!  There was a miscommunication with our chosen baker, and BAM--cousins ran to Safeway, grabbed a couple of vanilla birthday cakes, scraped off the balloons, and voila!  Wedding cake!  

Wedding cake that got huge compliments and was talked about all night.  No joke.

We love you Safeway.

Now that our beautiful entry and kitchen are done

Roy is all tuckered out...


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