Just Us

So far I've been lucky with this pregnancy.  Not too sick, not too uncomfortable, no complications.  In fact, every so often I'd totally forget I was pregnant.  You know, go to eat something not pregnancy approved, etc.

Week 23 has changed that.

I'm feelin' it now, man!  Roo is constantly squirming around, and this belly of mine just popped right out!  Sleeping, sitting, walking, it's all different.  And the changes run deeper than physical, too.

Not too long ago I had my first emotional breakdown.  It wasn't huge- I mean, I wasn't sprawled on the floor in a sea of wadded tissues... but I did cry.  A little.

In a way this makes me feel better.  Everything I've read says I should be all emotional and whatnot, and I hadn't really felt that.  I've always choked up during especially cute commercials involving anything to do with children, puppies/kittens, or elderly people.  That's normal.  {Hey, normal for me, okay!}

But this breakdown had nothing to do with commercials.  It sprouted from our 4th of July, a day we both had off work and dedicated to being together.  We didn't do anything exceptional.  We drove around town, went window shopping for nursery ideas, saw a movie, went on a bike ride in the rain, and watched fireworks curled up on a blanket.

My hormonal brain somehow warped our fun day into the thought: We are never going to be just us ever again.

Aaaaand, queue waterworks.

Selfish, huh?  Roo's kicking me already.  Literally.  Sorry, buddy.  It's not that I'm not excited for you to get here, or that I don't love you, or anything like that.  Every day I'm wondering about you: what you'll look like, what your favorite foods will be, if you'll play N64 with me even though it's so old school.  Your dad keeps saying, "GAH- I can't wait four more months!!!  Why does it take so long?!"

Trust me, you're wanted.

This breakdown just means I'm on track.  Right?  I can't be the only pregnant lady who has had crazy irrational breakdowns like this.  Because we are so ridiculously excited for this lil' baby.  It will be a change, but it will be a good change, one that I know will bring us closer together, make us more of a family.  More one.

Roy and I being just us forever would be totally lame.
Can't wait for Roo to get here!

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  1. "Not us" does comes back, especially on date night. Make sure you have date night every week.