It's a...


Roo has now acquired a second nickname: Baby Roy Boy.

At first the tech said she might not be able to tell the gender.  Roo was in an awkward position, completely folded in half with his feet over his head.  Didn't look very comfy.  The tech bounced her hands on my belly to get him moving, and we watched as our little guy stretched out and showed us how photogenic he can be.

No matter how many times I look at this strip, these pictures of fingers and toes and lips and a perfect nose, I can't wrap my head around it.  This is our sonOur son!

I think Roo is trying to help with the head wrapping by karate chopping me every once and a while.  There's been some serious movement lately.  Roy hasn't been able to feel it yet.  Determined, he recently spent the entire car ride home with one hand on the wheel and one hand on my stomach.

"Roy, I don't think you'll be able to feel anything from the outside," I said.
"Hey, he's a Buckmaster baby!  He's strong!" And he kept his hand at the ready.

One day soon he'll feel him for the first time.  I can't wait!
By the way, it's nice to be able to say "him" now instead of dancing around the word "it."

As soon as the tech said our lil' guy was a boy I just blinked at Roy like "what?!"  True, my official guess was boy, but that was just because I wanted to oppose Roy.  He was positive Roo was a girl.  So were most people, it seemed like.  But after about 30 seconds of moving the wand around my belly the nurse said, "I'm 100% sure this is a boy.  That thing ain't fallin' off any time soon."

Mom, on the other hand, had known all along that he was a boy.  Shall we say Grandmother's intuition?  She admitted that she'd already started planning a baby shower with a boy theme.  Love this lady.

I wish we could do an ultrasound like this every week.  I loved watching Roo suck on his fingers, pump his legs, and rest his hand on his cheek.  I loved Roy's reaction to everything.  "Hey, he has my toes!  Wait, are there more than ten there?"

And I already love this lil' baby so much.

Gender Reveal Eve

Honey, I'm home!  And exhausted!  And a foot rub would be awesome!

Phew- the last three weeks have been insane, intense fun.  There's been family reunions in Mexico, business trips to Vegas, and a writing conference in Utah where I also miraculously squeezed in time for friends and family.  Pretty much haven't gone to sleep before midnight in far, far too long for a pregnant person. 

But it's not time to slow down yet.  In fact, I doubt I'll get a wink of sleep tonight.  It's like the night before Christmas; Roy and I will stay up whispering and guessing and generally freaking out until the sun peeks through our blinds and we'll want to go running to the doctor's office in our footie pajamas. (Hmm, we should really get some of those, that would be pretty sweet.)

Tomorrow the BIG question will be answered. Are we having a boy or a girl?  Oh- people have speculated.

"You're carrying high.  It's a boy."
"You've got some acne.  It's a girl."
"You haven't been very sick.  It's a boy."
"You're carrying high.  It's a girl."  (Wait, I thought...)
"The Chinese calendar is always right.  It's a boy."
"You crave salty things.  It's a girl."

But tomorrow we'll find out the truth.

How about a vote?
What gender do you think Roo is?

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