Livin' It

Since Eryn has been on maternity leave, there have been painful stretches of time without much face-to-face human interaction at work.  It. Is. Horrible.  Scribble "hermit" out of my list of aspirations!
You can imagine how excited I get when a delivery guy opens the door.  For the most part, we're pretty good buds, we all know each others names and whatnot.  But I think I freak out the poor frigidity UPS guy.  Maybe it's the ravenous look on my face at the potential for conversation.  Probably kinda scary.

Come to think of it, though, there's this this one particular guy that I used to be not so excited to see.  I'd see his truck pull up and I'd roll my eyes.  Before he even hopped out of his truck I could quote exactly how our conversation was going to go.
The door would swing open wide and this tiny little man would grin at me, "Hola, como estas, how are you?"
I would say, "I'm good, thank you.  How are you?"
He'd drop his box(es) beside my desk and say, "It's almost Friday!"  
And I would smile/grimace, sign, and shoo him away.

Same exchange every single day.

Even on {excuse my swearing} MONDAYS!

I thought it was deliberate torture.  Who dangles Friday in front of a computer-drained face on a Monday?  Who does that?!

Apparently people who are determined to spread happiness like a virus.

Somehow this guy knew, though.  He could tell I'm not the bandwagon type, I don't succumb to the environment easily, and I wasn't going to be an easy egg to crack.  Especially not on a Monday.  But my grimaces didn't phase him, every day he'd work on me with that big goofy grin and optimism until he got to me.  Happiness is contagious.  He's probably the happiest guy I've ever met in my life, and now that I'm not shooing him out ASAP, I've gotten to know him better and better over the last few months.  He has a wife who makes enchiladas that could kill.  He has four daughters too, one who just graduated high school.  He's so ridiculously proud of her.

I must have advanced from the "It's Almost Friday" level.  Now when I say, "I'm good, thank you.  How are you?" he says

"Livin' the dream!"  {Queue Peter Pan pose.}

Standing there in his FedEx getup, sweaty from the summer heat, he truly believes he's living the dream.  And as long as he believes it, he absolutely is!

You know, even though I'm nervous about this whole parenting thing, and I have no idea how we're going to make this work, I step back and realize this is totally amazing.  Married to the man of my dreams and starting a family together... this is what I dreamed about when I was a little girl.  I can't count how many of my Barbie's got married and graduated almost instantly to the little plastic bassinet.  I have a drawing in my fourth grade journal of the six kids I planned on having-HA!.  Of course my very handsome husband is also pictured.

Being a mama is my oldest, truest dream... and I'm livin' it!

{This pic was taken the day I found out, when Roo was still my little secret.  Felt like I needed some visual documentation, even though there's nothing to see.  It's kind of like our first picture together...  Right?!  TODAY I felt Roo move for the first time.  It was like a twitch, like a lil' bug... and it was amazing!}

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  1. I hope you keep us updated with pregnancy pictures! Good Luck!