Office Life

The window blinds in my office are broken.  It's like a cage with no breathing holes!

Sometimes I leave the door by my desk wide open.  The nose of my car is so close that it practically takes up the entire doorway.  So I don't get sweeping views but I do get extra sun.  I just hope that the blinding reflection off of the windshield is providing me with some kind of tan.  Or at least vitamin D.  Because there's nothing about office life that gets me more down than hearing people talk about what an "incredibly beautiful day" it was, and I didn't even see a sunray of it!  

So the door stays open a lot these days.

I don't dislike the office.  But sometimes I wonder whether I'd actually prefer physical labor.  Okay, you're probably already laughing, imagining me wielding a jack-hammer.  You're right, maybe not that intense.  But in high school I was a nanny for two and a half years.  Trust me, that is physical labor.  I went straight to their house every day after school and stayed until 8ish, covering everything from snacks to naps to games to baths to bedtimes.  There were four kids.  Originally a 6-year-old boy, a 3-year-old boy, and then a set of newborn girl twins.  No, it wasn't a picnic.  I always came home with crazy hair and stained clothes {peed on clothes, once}, out of breath and with sore muscles.  But I felt fulfilled.  I could see the impact I had on that family every day.  And chaos seems to help time pass more quickly.  Even though it was hard, and I got paid next to nothing, I loved it.

Office work is different.  "Fulfilled" really only goes as far as measuring how thin I've managed to whittle down my stacks of paperwork.  But how can I complain?  The benefits are great, the pay is pretty good, my boss is the bomb, I get vacation, the people I work with are the best, and I never get peed on.  These days one can't ask for more in a job!

Still... Between one project and the next I find myself staring out the open door at the sunshine reflecting off my car and missing the mud pie making... even the cleaning up afterwards.


There are other things I can do when I'm not at the office to fill whatever empty chasm has been developing lately.  Roy keeps me on my toes and is always making sure I make time to feel fulfilled.

I paint.

I indulge in my UK obsession.    

Celebrate the random and obscure. Like Oreo's 100th birthday.  Mom and I went all out with Oreo pancakes and games.  So fulFILLing.


I write.  And I've got a goal!  First draft completed by June.

{e + r = love}

And then there's my favorite person, my own personal cheerleader and best friend.  Love you Roy.  Thanks maintaining the awesomeness in our life.  "Adventure is out therrrrre!"

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