Buckmaster Disaster Zone

Welcome to the virtual tour of the Buckmaster place.  The Buckmaster Disaster Zone.  There have been requests for pictures, and this is the easiest way for me to show everyone.

Don't you just feel so welcome after seeing that?  

This is the front entrance.  No, there aren't any pictures in those frames yet.

Look to your left and you will see our kitchen!
Complete with a horribly painted purple ceiling that I can totally live with.

And back here is our table.

And remember in our first place I got a little shelf and decorated it?  Well that was in a much smaller space.  So, naturally, I had to add a little something. 

And a little something over here.  Merry Christmas to us!  Okay, mostly me.

Ah, and let's not forget my stalking window.

Yeah, it got a little awkward not having blinds or curtains, and being so close to our neighbors.
But we are busy, and for some reason I put decorating the kitchen wall higher on the priority list than getting the windows covered. So luckily Roy is resourceful and... well now we are mostly hidden from view.  Now when the neighbors come out their front door and I'm eating breakfast, they can only see me from the chin down.  HA!  At least we've eliminated awkward eye-contact!

If you head on out of the kitchen, you will see our study nook. 
This is where Roy burns holes into textbooks with his eyeballs.

And here is our living room.  Along with our TV with the glitchy red line that runs through it.
His name is Clifford.
The Big Red Line.

At the back of this room is our back door, which leads to our garden.
This is where I grow weeds as tall as the house.

Look, flowers!  Kind of...

But as you can see, there is that perfect shady little corner I told you about earlier.  That's where my legit garden is going to go in a few weeks.  I've been drawing up plans.  Any suggestions for desert growing?

It might be cool to have an orange tree, like our neighbors.  Of course, if that doesn't work out we can still benefit from their green thumbs.  Look at this last orange on the tree.  If we get a good gust of wind it could drop in our backyard!  Mmmm!

Let's go back inside, it's getting a little warm out here for February.
Through the living room and down the hallway.  Let's check out the bathroom, shall we?

 {Don't mind me and my super cute outfit}

 Here is our guest bedroom, furnished with the bedset that I've had since I was in fifth grade.
Cherries will never go out of style, right?

 And here's our second room, the one I should probably be embarrassed to even post online.  But hey--we aren't in any serious rush to unpack.  Right?  We're taking our time.  So this room is the "room of objects yet to have a place."

And our bedroom.

 At the very end of the hall you come upon a tiny little room with a washer and dryer shoved into it.  Nothing interesting there.

We love living in this town, and we love renting this house.  We're a lucky pair.

 So you've officially had a tour!  Now even my sister, who is doing a study abroad in Austria, can feel like she's been here and seen it all.  Gotta love technology.

If you'd like a real tour {maybe after the very blue room is a little less crowded} come on down to see us!  Maybe I'll show off my domesticity and cook something!

Uh... maybe.


  1. Looks beautiful. Congrats, it's exciting to move into a new place.

  2. Sweet Elliot and Roy! I love the place it looks really good. Glad you guys still live in the general vicinity also haha love you guys and hopefully we'll see ya soon!

  3. Looks great! I can't wait till Matt and I move into a place where we can put actual holes in the walls- not stick command hooks everywhere! But I guess that's the price I pay for living in Hawaii!

  4. Aw! I love your house and your "domestic" picture, haha.

  5. LOVE your place!! I totally had the cherry bedroom too!! What is your email address? send it to me at heathernilsen@gmail.com