Stay Positive

Roy and I have it pretty good.  Really, really good.  But sometimes I forget that, even over the stupidest things.

Yesterday morning Roy and I were trying to run out the door to school and work.  My boss has asked the admins to arrive at the office five minutes early every day, and you wouldn't believe how that has thrown us for a loop.  I barreled down the stairs out of breath, still putting my hair up, and sweet Roy knew I wouldn't have time to make myself some breakfast.

"Here, you can have my cereal," he said.  Frosted Flakes- YES!  So I downed the cereal as fast as I could while Roy stared down the clock.

"You better hurry."

"We gotta go."

"We're gonna be late, Ell!"

"Alright, let's go," this time Roy took the nearly empty bowl out of my hands while I had a spoonful of milk suspended between my mouth and the bowl.  Of course... the bowl clinked against my spoon... and of course I got a puddle of milk on my shirt.

You'd think I would laugh at something like this.  It is funny.  But yesterday it wasn't funny.

I really wanted that last little bit of sugary milk- why did he have to take it away from me?  My shirt is going to smell like rotten milk all day.  Even if I had time to change my clothes,  I don't have anything to change into because all of my warmer clothes are still in storage.  I have to wear the same sweatshirt every day because the rest are packed away and have been for almost six months and we're never going to find a place to live and even when we do we're going to have a nasty mattress because it got wet and stained during the monsoon season and I wouldn't be surprised if moths have eaten all the clothes in there and my life sucks!

We spent half of the car ride in silence before we both just started laughing at the whole thing. 

What does it mean if you cry over spilled milk?

It means that you have a pretty amazing life.  You're lucky that spilled milk is the worst part of your day.  All you have to do to be perfectly happy is stay positive.

Sometimes Roy and I eat lunch together.  I drive over to the law school and bring sandwiches and we eat at the picnic tables or go for a walk around campus.  Yesterday on our walk we found this little message spray painted onto the sidewalk.  I had to take a pic because it went too perfectly with what I'd been thinking about all day.

Stay Positive.  I'd like to have it spray painted onto my brain!  With this as our motto, Roy and I will be an invincible pair.  It's simple, but it makes life so much better, happier--it helps me realize how ridiculously blessed I am, how much I've been given.

This morning Roy accidentally bumped my arm while I was drinking a glass of milk...

and we laughed.

Halloween at Work

I almost forgot to post this picture.

Yes, I'm keeping my sucker held up with a binder clip.