Women's Bathroom

At the office there are two women: just Eryn and I.  And before me, Eryn was the only female to be found in the whole branch.  I guess two is just barely enough to separate the bathrooms into "men's" and "women's". 

But the guys aren't quite used to this segregation yet.  They've been using that same bathroom for years, and the new sign with the triangle-shaped lady on it doesn't seem to deter them from continuing to use it.

So Eryn and I devised an evil plan.


See if they can stand being in the women's bathroom NOW!


  1. Did you do the art work? SO CUTE!

  2. If by "artwork" you mean strategically placing wall stickers very artfully around the bathroom- then yes, I did it myself ;-) Picked out bright colors for the soap pump etc. but I think I'll get hand towels too. More girly colors!