Ten Years Ago Today

I was just barely thirteen, in my first year of Jr. High.  I couldn't even begin to understand what 9/11 was about.  Today America has been remembering, and has been standing a little bit taller, a little bit closer.  I thought I'd check in my old stash of journals to see if I recorded much on the actual day.  Turns out I did.  The year of 2001 is filled with snippets, dotting out a vague outline of the result of the attacks.

Today I thought I'd share what I wrote.  Disclaimer: Please remember, I was thirteen.  This is the perspective of a young girl who could only understand half of what was blaring out of the TV and radio stations.  But this is how I tried to wrap my head around it.  --Also, this person who I call my "enamy" {HAHA} is a great girl and we were really only in this fight for a summer.  In fact, I think it was this hug on this day that brought us back together as friends. 

Don't forget 9/11

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