Life As a Betweener

I'm so between, it's not even funny.
Let's start with the basics...

I'm between a Collett and a Buckmaster.
Haven't changed my name on my driver's license, but I'm known as Mrs. Buckmaster for a lot of different things.  Sometimes it's hard to keep track: wait, am I Collett or Buckmaster for this?

I'm between a college student and a working woman.
My poor college diploma is floating around in the mail somewhere.  Somehow my BYU account reverted back to our old Springville address and so they sent it there.  I went to lengths to get the cell number of the woman who is currently living in our old apartment.
 "Um, excuse me, but a piece of paper I spent four years working my butt off for is on it's way to your home.  PLEASE FORWARD IT TO ME!"
It's hard to feel done with college before having that diploma in my hands.  Not to mention I still get every single English Department email from my old school about classes and events.  So then there's the moral dilemma of whether I should still use my school ID to get the student discount at the movies.  ;-)

I'm between being a kid and an adult.
This kind of goes along with the previous idea.  I mean, I work like a regular adult.  Go through stacks and stacks of papers every day.

But then sometimes I get carried away with the stamping.

And eat cupcakes like I'm the one pregnant with twins, and not my co-worker.

And some of the people I work with are quite often reminding me how young I am.  Or maybe I'm reminding them to remind me.
"Wait, who's Barbra Streisand?"

And of course...
I'm between homes.  All the time.
Currently we are staying at a family member's home, watching it while they're out of the country.  We packed up our suitcases {for the third or fourth time since June} and moved into our "new home," where we'll be staying for three weeks before we pack up and move again.
We're loving it here, but all this bouncing around is just getting plain comical.  So I got us a little something to make everywhere we go "ours".

Dollar section at Target, baby!  Every time we get to a new "home" I'm just gonna slap that puppy on the wall.  Wherever we are, we are home sweet home. 

Being between is flying by the seat of your pants, going with the flow, and trying not to look too ridiculous as you're grasping for some kind of stability.  I'm still working on the not-looking-ridiculous part.

PS All of these pictures were taken with my phone!  I love the iPhone!

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  1. Life is all about attitude right? And I love your attitude about Life....always smile at the bright side and just keep going.....You are awesome! Happy Life to you and yours:/Loves! Keep bloggin!