Football Season

There are only two things that get this look of anxious intensity out of Roy:

Football and basketball.

I like basketball--but football?  Yeah, that's usually when my glazed look shows up.  Football interests me for about ten minutes and then I'm bored.  The bleacher seats get immediately uncomfortable, the sun gets too hot or the lights too bright, there's hours of downtime when players are just standing around, and I'd rather be anywhere but a football game.  Or at least that's how it used to be.

I just went to the first football game in my life where I actually enjoyed it 100% of the time!

Dad invited Roy and I to go with him and Zac.  It was a game he was considering ditching out on, despite his season tickets.  Apparently the ducks are pretty good this year.  And Arizona is not.  But Roy was all over this game!  He will always love his home state of Oregon.

I agreed to go, but only if the guys would go all out, wear the shirts and the stickers and everything.  I had to get some enjoyment out of it, right?


During the game, Roy {disguised as an Arizona fan, but secretly smiling every time Oregon kicked our trash} patiently explained everything to me from fourth downs to penalty yards.  I've had guys attempt to explain the rules out of the corners of their cheering, screaming mouths.  But Roy is a quieter sports fan, which makes him a lot easier to understand.  Not to mention a lot more enjoyable to be around.  :-)

So something clicked.  And even though Arizona was put to shame by a bunch of ducks, I enjoyed every second of the game.

See?  I even had an intense face to match Roy's:

Official football fan over here.

Earlier tonight, I listened to the Cowboy's and Redskin's game on the radio while I was cleaning.  And Roy wasn't even there :-)


  1. So sad when I saw the A on Roy's face. But, I can bet you he was cheering in his inside voice for the Ducks!!! Go Green and Yellow....

  2. Hey Elliot, I always love looking at your pictures!!!! What program do you use to edit them????

  3. That makes all the difference! I felt the same way about football until this season when Dave and I started going together. Now that I FINALLY understand what's going on it's actually quite fun!