Bacon and Rocks

Once, on a vacation when I was a kid, we were driving through many a worn Mexican street on our way to our nice, Americanized resort on the beach.  I remember feeling a kind of pain in my chest as I watched the dilapidated buildings pass.  The barely-running cars.  People walking in the streets with sweat-stained shirts that they'd probably been wearing for months straight.

Why did they deserve to have less than I had?  Why couldn't they have enough money to have air conditioning- for goodness sake!  It's hot in Mexico!

So I, an extremely brilliant six-year-old, came up with a solution to world hunger, deprivation, and moneylessness in general. 

Rocks.  All we had to do was change all currencies to rocks.  Trust me, there are plenty of rocks in Mexico.  And Arizona, too!  Then money would never be short, right?  Everyone would have plenty, because they are everywhere!  Except maybe the North Pole.  Sorry Santa.

Of course, I didn't know anything about inflation back then.  ;-)

Scratch that idea.  I'm not six anymore!  In fact, I'm a responsible, 8-5 working adult now.  Roy is a few weeks into law school, with almost three years ahead of him.  Since rocks won't pay the bills (especially not the tuition), I'm the one stuck behind a desk.

I'm bringin' home the bacon, baby!

Ew.  Not sure why that's an appealing phrase. 

Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that so far I'm loving my job.  I've been there for almost two months now, and I'm finally starting to feel like I know what I'm doing.  Since Roy started school we've been carpooling.  Campus is just a five minute drive from the office- we love that!  What better time to catch up than when crawling through rush-hour traffic?

Roy is kicking law school butt!  When he finishes classes he has several hours to study in the library before I'm done with work.  If he's still studying, I get to hang out in the library with him until he's done.

So what am I doing from 8-5?
Lots of this:


My old nemesis... numbers!
Our past, troublesome relationship has made me extra careful with my calculations.  So far no mishaps.  I also do some writing and editing!  Yay!  Contracts, quotes, brochures... it's not necessarily 100% creative writing, but I AM using my college education.  It's fantastic.

I love the people I work with, too.  Especially Eryn, the other admin who I get to hang out with 24/7.  I'm sure I'll talk more about her later.

Poor Roy is exhausted and needs to get some sleep.  We better get back to our cute little haunted house.  Yawn!

I'll have to continue my adventures of the working woman some other time. 

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  1. I want more!! Hurry up and tell me some office stories.