The Ranch House

Roy and I have spent almost two months looking for a place to live.  We're going to be there for a minimum of three years, and it could be a lot longer.  So, naturally, we want to take our time.  Really find something perfect.  Cheap and perfect.

But for now we are homeless.  The only thing keeping us off the dark, cruel streets of Tucson is the generosity of family.  :-)

So we're staying in the ranch house, as I've mentioned before.  It's a neat old house, watched over by this little gnome.

 I've always wondered about that gnome, sitting out there in the courtyard with his little pipe.  I finally asked Grandma about him and learned he belonged to grandpa's mother- my great grandmother, Vaughn!  {There's a cool middle name for a kid someday, right?}  So I decided I like him.  In the daylight, at least.  I still think the ranch house gets a little scary after dark, and a knee-high little man doesn't ease my nerves.

The layout of the house is really cool... but at night it reminds me of horror movies.

 Roy thinks it's just me.  He thinks I'm a big baby.  But come on, people!  Can't you just see the Skeleton Key children walking past that last doorway in their deteriorating nightgowns?

The bathroom is fantastic, straight out of the old days.  But I think there's a spider living in there.  I found a cobweb going from the wall to my toothbrush.  And I DO brush my teeth twice a day, thank you very much.

But hey-the house is amazing.  I love old stuff.  This bench has been here since the house was built in 1939.

 And I love the unique art on the windows by the front door.

And bugs aren't the only wildlife on the ranch!

Aren't they cute?  Just waiting for Mama!

 The house that Grandpa and Grandma live in is on the property, so we get to go over there and hang out with them from time to time.  Play some cards.  

Grandma and Grandpa are so good at cards... I've given up trying to win.

 I love this picture, they're both laughing.

And here are two more pictures I just love of them.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for letting us stay in your ranch house while we are homeless.  And for countless other things you've done for us.  Love you guys so much!

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