Newest Addition to the Collett Clan

Taking another foreign exchange student was somewhat of a last minute decision for my parents.  One that they're already thrilled they made.

And I'm thrilled too.  Even though it means Roy and I are kicked out of the house.

My old bedroom has been designated as the foreign exchange room, apparently.  It's appropriate since the room has its own bathroom--not to mention it's been empty for years.  And the loud pink and yellow walls from my childhood were acceptable for a chika.  Irina from Argentina didn't complain.  But my mom wasn't about to stick a boy in there.  And that's what they ordered.  A boy from Germany. 

So something had to be done about those walls. 

Roy had yet to start school, so he had plenty of time to dedicate to painting.  He and Mom did most of the work.  But the rest of us pitched in as well.

Dad liked the color so much he suggested we get started on the master bedroom.  But we didn't.  One bedroom was enough work!  Three coats!

 As you can tell, these pictures were taken before we sheered Roy's huge hair.

And then Mom and her sisters got started on finding things to use in the bedroom.  When those ladies get together, the result is always fabulous.

I wish I had a before picture so you could see the drastic difference.  But just close your eyes and imagine pink and yellow walls with the light switch plates painted bright red.

Need I say more?

Alright, time to meet the newest member of the Collett family.

Let's see if you can guess which one is the foreign exchange student.
One of these things is not like the others...

I love the red hair and his European wardrobe.  Meet: SIMON
{In German pronounced ZEE-MOAN}

He's fifteen, speaks great English, is obviously bright, and is my new photographer mentor. 
He and Zac are inseparable.  Already, we all love this kid.

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  1. Im so glad you posted about Simon....I was excited to see him and how he mixed in with the gang...I hope to meet him someday..Irina was so exceptional...couldn't imagine another so wonderful! Keep bloggin:)