Mystery Needles

Our life has never been so sky high, up in the air, absolutely insane.

I've been maybe a bit overly-zealous in documenting every spooky, thrilling, horrible, fantastic moment with our new camera.  The pictures are awesome!  The only problem is, I haven't figured out how to get those pictures on my computer.  The files are in a format I'm not familiar with.

As soon as I figure it out I'll post some pictures of our current residence: a ranch house built in 1939.  It belongs to my grandparents, who have graciously allowed us to stay there while we are homeless.  It's a great house.

But sometimes, late at night... it can be a little scary.

I don't know why!  I guess that eerie feeling just naturally creeps into the walls of an old house once nighttime shadows are out.  Or maybe it's because so many horror movies are set in old buildings.

So it was yesterday at work when I realized I'd been subconsciously scratching at the inside of my elbow all morning.  I looked down to see what the deal was and saw this:

It looks exactly like a mark left by a menacing needle!!!

Of course I tried to rein in my wild imagination with rational thoughts of bugs and spiders.  The house is in the middle of the desert, with plenty of wildlife around.  It wouldn't be surprising if a little bed bug snuggled into the crook of my arm in the night.

I took that picture with my cell phone and sent it to Roy with the following text: "A needle mark in my arm!?  What have you been doing while I'm sleeping?"

I chuckled, thinking I'm so funny.

Roy responded with:  "Weird, I have one too!"

Well that wiped the smile off my face.  Now my mind is racing with aliens and UFOs!!!!  Out in that little house in the desert all by ourselves- who knows what could have happened?!  Those spacemen could come right out of the clouds and snatch us up for the night and do experiments on us and no one would stir!

But then Roy: "JK"

Phew!  I almost freaked myself out.

Of course it was just some kissing bug.

Or WAS it?!?!?!?!



  1. Hmmmmm curious? keep us updated:/ I think I asked you what camera do you have that you love? Kadie is wanting a camera for her Big #24 and so.....Im asking people about cameras they i would appreciate it....glad you found a place!

  2. hahahahahaha. This is sooooooo funny!!! you crack me up!! oh my goodness. hahahha... oh phew... okay wow it took me a while to stop laughing. love you and miss you.