We Found the Ring!!!

Before I move on to our life in Arizona... I thought I'd tell one last Utah story...

Roy and I thought we lost his wedding band last winter on a day at the slopes.  I was certain it was buried beneath the frozen snow in the parking lot, and so I waited for spring to thaw it out.

Well... spring came late.  My hope having been snuffed out by June, I went ahead and bought Roy a new wedding band in Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico.  $16.  Shrug.  It's kind of funny that it's from a Mexican jewel vendor, and at least if we lost it again it wouldn't be so devastating.

So moving day... Taylor Broughton, Josh Flint {Alexa's boyfriend}, and Carson were helping us move the big stuff.  Once our bed was hefted out of the bedroom, Taylor said something about a ring that was on the floor.

THE RING!!!!!!

The thing never even left our apartment!!!!  It was just warm and snug under our bed the whole time!

I was so happy I wanted to cry.  Not that there's really anything wrong with the $16 Mexican ring... but the sentimental value behind it just doesn't compare.

Thank you Taylor for finding Roy's wedding band!!!!

Roy is not quite as happy about it as I am.  He's glad it's found, but he still wants to wear the cheap ring.  "See, feel how heavy this one is," he said later that day.  He made me hold one in each hand and compare.  It's true, the nice tungsten ring is heavier.  For a reason. 

Hmmm, maybe we should put our original ring away under lock and key so that we won't lose it ever again.  Then Roy can enjoy the cheapness of the other ring... that is until it turns his finger green.

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