Sunny with a Chance of Injury

Let's talk about the weather!

It took Utah Valley a while to warm up, but it finally has.  The rivers are near to bursting with all the runoff from the mountains.  I've loved going running along these rivers iPodless and listening to the water while letting my winter white legs soak up some sun.

But in a few weeks I'll be in a place where running is only plausible if you hit the trails by six am.  In the summer it's just not safe to be running past 9 am.  There's no rivers- heck there's no water anywhere- and the sun will flat out blister winter white legs.

Therefore, I'd really like to enjoy this kind of running weather every moment I can.  Unfortunately, that's not happening.

I've often read about runner's cross-training days "to prevent injury."

Psssh!  I'm young and spry, I'm not gonna get injured!  Not me!  I'll just run every single day and wear down my joints until I cripple myself.  Brilliant.

My left knee isn't liking running, especially since I tried to just push through the pain the other day.  Oh yeah, I'm filled with great ideas.

After analyzing my run, I think I figured out what might be causing it.  Check out how I lean in slightly with my left foot when I hit the pavement.

Better shoes?  Better inserts?  Better let the good weather go and give myself time to heal.  

The sunny side: Now I have plenty of cross-training days.


  1. Oh sad! I have the same problem with my right foot. I've found that using an elliptical a couple times a week helps a lot because it stabilizes my joints and is lower impact. Hope it gets better soon! Also, what's up with the format change? Your blog looks so professional now:)

  2. yes yes let yourself heal! I'm sorry! I feel slighty guilty since I was there when it happened!?!

  3. It is called over pronation... I do the same thing. My knees and ankles would ache after every run. I had to get shoes especially made to support the inside of my feet as well as some killer arch support inserts. I haven't had a problem since! There are a few running stores around Tucson that you can go to where they record you running and fit you to some shoes and supports. OR... you could enjoy the cross-training :)