We picked the perfect time to move to Arizona.  Sweltering 115 degrees is just the weather we like to be moving things on and off trucks.  :-)

This move has me ready to pull all my hair out.  I can't find anything.  Everything--everything--is boxed up.

Currently the boxes are baking in a storage unit across town.  With some luck, our stack of wedding pictures won't be all slimy and stuck together by the time we move everything out again.  Who knows when that will be.

We're crashing at my parent's place until we find somewhere to live.  Thanks, little sis, for letting us stay in your bedroom.  Oh, and for letting me wear whatever clothes you've left in your closet- because all of mine are in boxes.  Ugh- boxes!!!

Little miscommunication...  I thought we were keeping all of our junk in my parent's garage.  I thought it would be easy to access things like my clothes, laptop charger, shoes.  There's nothing easy about it, unless you consider a 45 minute drive, followed by picking through cardboard boxes in a steamy storage unit easy.

The plan for our next move (hopefully years from now) is to be a nazi with organization.  List on the boxes every single item inside.  "Living room junk" doesn't help me much.  And then I plan to pack pack ourselves suitcases to last us for a few weeks.

Maybe if I write it all here, I'll remember to do this stuff.  :-)

Packing in Utah was great, though.  We had some awesome help.  Alexa and her boyfriend came down from Idaho for the weekend.  That girl can pack fast!  I don't know what we would have done without her.

And I don't know what we would have done without these guys... hard workers.

But seriously, we had friends and family make us meals, move our furniture, and help us clean.  It made it so much easier and more fun.

Our last two nights in the apartment we were sleeping on air mattresses in the living room.  It was weird to have the place so bare.  Kind of sad.  We'll never forget our first place together.

But so far I haven't been missing the trains.

I have been missing our friends, the cooler weather, the grass, our ward, the university, my job, etc.  But I'm sure there are better things to come.  I think once we are settled in our own place and those boxes are finally opened... that's when things will start looking up.

When we finally find Roy's cell phone charger.
When I finally find that book I was in the middle of.
When I can have everything in it's place and organized.

Much more to catch up on later.


  1. I don't know if anyone can trigger memories or stimulate my imagination in their writing better than you do...sure do love seeing your life through your blog....You will do great in your next always do.....keep bloggin:)

  2. Oh this made me smile...and laugh! Moving IS sure a pain in the bum...but i kinda like it-i like the organization or something! Weird huh? I woulda been there with you if I had been close!