Dad's Day

When I was born, Tracy Collett became a dad.

No turning back.

The following is a mix of what I've been told and what I imagine.  But you'd be surprised at what is actually true.

When I was making my debut at a ridiculous hour in the morning, Dad was in the waiting room.  Guess he didn't have a back stage pass.

I think Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" was playing quietly.  Dad has always said that song makes him think of when I was born.  So if it wasn't playing in the waiting room it must have at least been playing in his head. 

Knowing him, he had his perfectly placid face on, like nothing could ever bother him.  But secretly, deep down inside--way deep--he was feeling a little anxious.  Not sure how he does that.  The "Don't Worry, Be Happy Song" must help him keep calm.  It's a developing theory.

When a nurse finally came to tell him to come in, he missed a beat.  Dropped the song all together.  Walked calmly down the hall with that dead serious face.  He wondered: is it a boy or a girl?  Mom had insisted on leaving the gender as a surprise.  The suspense!

He wanted a girl.  Why?  Because oldest boys tend to get themselves into the worst kind of trouble, but girls are better behaved.

So Dad, how did that work out for you?  ;-)

Back to the hospital—there I was.  Adorable, healthy, pink bundle of joy all swaddled in one of those thin hospital blankets.  Mom was teary eyed and eager for the new dad to catch a good glimpse, tell her how beautiful I was.  He took me in his arms, his first baby, peered down at my bald head and said:

"Aren't her ears a little low?"

Happy 23rd father's day, Dad.  We've had our rough patches, but the truth is no one could replace you.  You're an amazing father! 
Thanks for everything, I love you.

PS.  Roy may be getting overly eager to be included in father's day.  He's taken to stealing adorable children.

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  1. Haha Roy will be a great dad, Brynne LOVES him! She kept asking where Roy went after he left last night, pretty cute.