What We Do in May



Eat like royalty.

So far this summer our days have fallen into a definite routine.  And my favorite new pattern: the new dinner deal we've made with the Tietjens.  :-)

Three days a week I cook, three days a week Shellena cooks, and every day the boys do the dishes.  I swear we are saving money and lots of time.  Plus it's giving me more reason to go all out and experiment with cooking.  Roy and I are getting the better part of this deal, since Shellena is a master chef.  Look what she cooked up to celebrate my graduation!

That's homemade cheesecake.  Roy might have been a tad bit excited for the excuse to indulge.

Wow- it's a good thing this is only going on for another month because I'm pretty sure we would all get FAT!

But what we will miss after next month is the excuse to hang out every night.  We never just eat and go home—we're always doing something until at least ten o'clock.

Roy is really good at getting Story to smile.  I'm kind of jealous.

Look at this chicken pot pie that Shellena made.  She marked a part for me and a part for Roy.  Mine without chicken.  I thought it was clever.

Just for kicks, I'm posting some pictures from the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point.  Story was attracting more attention than the flowers, she's so stinkin' cute!  

Fun May days.


  1. awesome. I feel famous. I guess its really my daughter that draws the most attention.
    We will miss ya'll when you're gone.

  2. Roy really looks good with a baby ;P