Mothers and Thieves

This post has two parts.
One about mothers.
One about thieves

They don't overlap.  I'm not implying that my mothers have stolen anything from me.  In fact, they've given me everything.

I have generations of mothers to thank for my life.  Most of whom aren't around to thank, actually.  Great-grandmas, great great grandmas, etc.  But here are some women who have easily been the strongest influences in my life.

Grandma, Mom, and yeah - even my little sister.  She's not a mom, but she's done her share of mothering me throughout our lives.  They've taught me so much!  I'd be a completely different person if it weren't for them.
{Praise them or blame them}

Mom, I love you.  Thanks for everything.  A list of everything you've done for me would just be ridiculous.  It would never end.  So here it is, short and sweet.

You're the greatest mom.  God knew just what He was doing when He sent me to you. 

This year I had a mom-in-law to wish a happy mother's day to!  This lady is so selfless and hard working.  And she managed to raise a a little boy who grew up to be the greatest man in the world.  She's got mama skills.  Thanks Laura!  Love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Bike Thieves,
Alright... stealing one bike might be somewhat understandable.  Maybe you desperately needed one.  But two bikes?  Really, if you've got an equally desperate family or friends you should just share that one stolen bike.  Why so greedy?
What really throws me is the stolen potted flowers.  It makes me feel like you're just messing with us, because I'm pretty sure no one is that desperate.  Half-wilted flowers in a tin pail?  Really?  
Next you'll probably take our porch light bulb.  I'm sorry that's the only thing we have left out there to offer. 

The Already Considerably Penniless Student Family in the 4-Plex by the Train Tracks

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