Big Hair Scare

Hair has been the source of a lot of entertainment lately. 

Roy wants to grow his long for the Philmont hike he'll be doing later this summer.  But his hair is ridiculously stubborn.  When it grows, it just grows out.  Like in the picture above.  I kid you not, that's how his hair wants to grow naturally.  If he grew it long it would just be an untameable afro.

So Shellena and I busted out the hairspray and gel and went to work trying to find a style I like.  Roy liking it was a plus, but not mandatory.

He's a good sport, isn't he?  Any votes on your favorite?

Shellena and I also recently experimented with our own hair.  I've never done that before.  I've never colored my own hair, and I've never done anything extreme.  Shellena was really excited to indoctrinate me.  

We bought the exact same box of hair dye to see how it would turn out.

 UMMMM, they didn't turn out the same.  In fact, it didn't even look anything like the box.

I probably need more practice with dying hair because...

So I ended up dying Shellena's hair again {after watching her do mine I figured out how it was really supposed to be done} and it turned out much better the second time.




Carson wanted to get in on the modeling action too soooo, here he is with his new haircut!  Roy used to cut his hair when they lived in Brazil.  He just taught Shellena how to do it just right. 

I haven't gotten used to my hair yet.  It's very bright!  Maybe I don't love it, but I wouldn't take it back.  We had way too much fun.

{Don't mind us, just playing Minute to Win It!}

What We Do in May



Eat like royalty.

So far this summer our days have fallen into a definite routine.  And my favorite new pattern: the new dinner deal we've made with the Tietjens.  :-)

Three days a week I cook, three days a week Shellena cooks, and every day the boys do the dishes.  I swear we are saving money and lots of time.  Plus it's giving me more reason to go all out and experiment with cooking.  Roy and I are getting the better part of this deal, since Shellena is a master chef.  Look what she cooked up to celebrate my graduation!

That's homemade cheesecake.  Roy might have been a tad bit excited for the excuse to indulge.

Wow- it's a good thing this is only going on for another month because I'm pretty sure we would all get FAT!

But what we will miss after next month is the excuse to hang out every night.  We never just eat and go home—we're always doing something until at least ten o'clock.

Roy is really good at getting Story to smile.  I'm kind of jealous.

Look at this chicken pot pie that Shellena made.  She marked a part for me and a part for Roy.  Mine without chicken.  I thought it was clever.

Just for kicks, I'm posting some pictures from the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point.  Story was attracting more attention than the flowers, she's so stinkin' cute!  

Fun May days.

Rapture Day

Matthew 24:35-36
"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

Just saying.

But let's step back for a second and say that perhaps Mr. Harold Camping, the Oakland minister and radio broadcaster, is onto something.  What if tomorrow is the start of the end of the world?  And all of the good Christians are brought up to Heaven while the rest of mankind is blown to smithereens over the next few months?

Well...  I guess I won't be making the Heavenly trip tomorrow.  Why?

I stole shoes today.  And last I checked, stealing is a sin.

We were in Target when the thong of my shoe snapped.  They were decayed high school flip flops, so I guess it wasn't the hugest of surprises.  I tried to shuffle along the slick tiled isles, but it just wasn't working out.  The shoe wouldn't stay on.

Roy, being the helpful husband he is, grabbed me a cheap pair of flip flops that were on sale.  Only $8.  They'd have to do.

So we tore off the elastic and the tags, which I slipped into my pocket for safekeeping, and I put on the shoes.  I'd pay for them on the way out.  Right?

By the time we finished our shopping and were at the register, I'd completely forgotten about the new flip flops.  Completely forgot!!!  We walked out of the store and drove through freeway traffic for about twenty minutes before I gasped, "THE SHOES!"

We looked at the time.  11:03.  Target had just closed it's doors for the night.  By the time those doors open again it will be May 21st—"Rapture Day."

What a crappy day to accidentally break a commandment.

P.S. Tomorrow morning we plan to go on a hike.  Hopefully we get back with plenty of time to return the shoes ;-)

Roy and Babies

Does this post require words?

Mothers and Thieves

This post has two parts.
One about mothers.
One about thieves

They don't overlap.  I'm not implying that my mothers have stolen anything from me.  In fact, they've given me everything.

I have generations of mothers to thank for my life.  Most of whom aren't around to thank, actually.  Great-grandmas, great great grandmas, etc.  But here are some women who have easily been the strongest influences in my life.

Grandma, Mom, and yeah - even my little sister.  She's not a mom, but she's done her share of mothering me throughout our lives.  They've taught me so much!  I'd be a completely different person if it weren't for them.
{Praise them or blame them}

Mom, I love you.  Thanks for everything.  A list of everything you've done for me would just be ridiculous.  It would never end.  So here it is, short and sweet.

You're the greatest mom.  God knew just what He was doing when He sent me to you. 

This year I had a mom-in-law to wish a happy mother's day to!  This lady is so selfless and hard working.  And she managed to raise a a little boy who grew up to be the greatest man in the world.  She's got mama skills.  Thanks Laura!  Love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Bike Thieves,
Alright... stealing one bike might be somewhat understandable.  Maybe you desperately needed one.  But two bikes?  Really, if you've got an equally desperate family or friends you should just share that one stolen bike.  Why so greedy?
What really throws me is the stolen potted flowers.  It makes me feel like you're just messing with us, because I'm pretty sure no one is that desperate.  Half-wilted flowers in a tin pail?  Really?  
Next you'll probably take our porch light bulb.  I'm sorry that's the only thing we have left out there to offer. 

The Already Considerably Penniless Student Family in the 4-Plex by the Train Tracks

When Are We No Longer Newlyweds?

With our one year anniversary just two months away, this question has floated into conversation.  When do people stop thinking of you as newlyweds?  Is it one year the mark?

Whenever it is, I guess it doesn't really matter.  I still feel like a newlywed.

I still forget to respond to Mrs. Buckmaster.  Every night brushing our teeth together still has the feel of a slumber party. 
But this one is pretty good... I still only have one picture of my own from the Tucson reception. 

  Still waiting on pictures from my wedding?  That's quite newly weddish.  (Or just pathetic)