Anyone want to see pictures of my favorite baby?

Lil' Stor Stor!

 She likes to watch TV.  Especially General Conference.  So cute!  And I'd also like to point out Carson's pink toenails in this shot, and mention that none of the boys have bothered to remove the nail polish from April Fools Day.

I don't have any nieces or nephews of my own, so I probably overdo my love for this little girl a bit.

This weekend was her baby blessing.  Afterward there was a luncheon with all of Shellena's family {which includes us and the McAffees of course}.

Andrea and I made a killer potato salad to bring.  It might be the first time I received compliments that weren't just out of pity!

Shellena thinks I'm well on my way to becoming domestic.  But really... I think Andrea and I should just share a kitchen forever.

The Tietjens are the cutest little family!!!

The night before the event, Kenny and Andrea came over for a camp out.  You know, so that we could cook together, then wake up bright and early to drive together to the blessing.  Since we're in Utah, it's still too cold to actually camp outside.  So we had one in our living room instead.  There were s'mores {though we didn't end up eating any}, scary ghost stories, almost no sleep, etc.

We brought our air mattress and our guest bed mattress out.  Ummm... two days later I'm still hanging out on our guest bed mattress, wedged up against the couch in our living room.  Even though the train is louder out here, for some reason Roy and I really love sleeping in the living room.  Maybe the mattress is more comfortable... maybe it's because we can watch a movie to bed... I don't know, maybe it's just something different.

Matt and Sarah came over for a night of N64 games yesterday and... yes the mattress was still taking up all the space in our living room.  Maybe I should have been embarrassed of the piles of blankets and pillows cluttered everywhere.  But we just bounced around on the mattress while racing Mario Kart.

Who knows how long our living room will look like this.  :-)

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  1. Ah, sleepovers are the bomb! Hows about we all meet up and go camping this summer? Okay? Okay. Cuz I think camping with you guys would rock. Muhaha. And that top pic of Story is A.frickin.DORABLE. I'm glad you got pics of the baby blessing and their cute little fam!