The Sweet Seven...

 are breaking up.

I know, it's immensely depressing.  

But life calls us all in different directions this summer.  Kenny and Andrea are moving to Philly to sell alarm systems.  We know that they'll do great!  But... we're going to miss them.
The pair are moving out today.  By the time they return Roy and I will be gone, pursuing a law degree in Az.  And who knows where the Tietjens will be by then.  We're already planning our trip back up to Utah next summer {2012?!} so we can all visit.  Or maybe we'll meet up at Disneyland or Seattle or somewhere fun.  :-) 

Last week we had a BBQ and played uno for our "last get together".  

Yet last night we were all sitting on Carson and Shellena's bed, playing with Story and hanging out.  Maybe trying to lift the sadness of separation, we got out a piece of paper and made predictions of where we will be in 2020.  Nine years from now. 

Kids?  Careers?  and of course where?  Wouldn't it be nice if we all settled down on the same street someday?  Shared a fence?  Carpooled?  But none of us predicted that.  I guess it's not likely, but I'll keep hoping anyway :-)

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