April Fools Continued

After our very large baby shoes project, I didn't April Fool very many other people throughout the day.  I just indulged in little lies here and there, followed up with, "April Fools."  You know, just for laughs, and just because I have the excuse.

But Andrea, Shellena, and I had planned one more April Fools project for our husbands.  At Supreme Nails.  :-) 

Oh yeah!  We'd been planning for days.  And by some miracle I'd been able to keep the secret from Roy the whole time.  But as we were driving to meet up with our friends Roy became suspicious.  He knows me too well, and knows that I would plan something devious on April 1st.  Somehow... I really don't know how... he guessed that this was what we were doing.  How in the world am I going to fool him in the future?  After five years together?  Thirty?  I have my work cut out for me.

Kenny, Roy, and Carson.

 Our husbands are such troopers.  They didn't complain for a second.  In fact... they liked it pretty quick.

Kenny might have liked it a little too much.  He was falling asleep.
 Carson was mesmerized by how fast his dude could clip toenails. 
 Roy gave me a "help!" look at first because he didn't know what he was supposed to do.  For anyone who doesn't know, Roy is ticklish.  Really really ticklish .

He said, "If it tickles can I tell her to stop?"

I said, "No, Roy.  You have to bear through it."

And he did.  But I wish I'd captured some of the looks on his face.  This one is really tame.  But it's still funny because you can see Kenny snoozing away in the corner.
 The finished product (notice Roy's lotioned leg hairs haha!):
 Soooo pretty!
Happy April Fools boys!

P.S. Every single person who commented on the last post said "PUT UP THE VIDEO!"
So here's the challenge... if someone can convince my dad that is is all just good humor and no one will tease him... too much... and I get the go-ahead, I can put it up.  He specifically told me not to put it on the internet, probably because someday he's going to run for office and then the video will show up on every page on the Internet.  But hey, I think it would be worth it!  Haha!   Someone talk him into it!

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