Rain, Snow, Worms, and Other Things

Don't you hate it when the weather catches you completely off guard?  That's what happened to me on Monday.  Utah has a funny habit of warming up, tricking you into thinking it's finally spring time, and then dumping buckets of snow on you.  Well Monday morning it was sunshine.  By afternoon I had dripping wet hair and my coat smelled funny because it has little feathers inside that I'm pretty sure aren't supposed to get wet!

With no hood, no umbrella, and my shoes starting make squelching noises, I decided to just enjoy it.  It's not worth running around and looking like an idiot.  On my long walk to my car I was watching the ground, avoiding puddles, when I saw a worm on the sidewalk.  Then a split second later there were hundreds and hundreds of worms everywhere, all glistening wet, stretched out on the cement. 

Maybe you're used to this.  But in Arizona worms don't come out in hordes when it rains.  Frogs do, but not worms.  But I was quickly seeing that worms and frogs pretty much meet the same demise.  Now look out, I'm about to get a little graphic.  It was almost impossible not to step on them, they were literally coating the walkway.  The few students around me didn't seem to mind just smashing them under their shoes.  GROSS!

So I'm sure you would have laughed if you'd seen me tiptoeing through the rain down that sidewalk.

The next day I was prepared.  I wore my wellies!

But of course it was warm and dry the whole day.  While walking up to campus I noticed the ducks were kinda far from their pond.  And then I realized what they were doing.  Worm pancakes.

Alright, should I leave you with something a little less disgusting?  How about some good news?  Roy and I got to go snowboarding again this last weekend.  My favorite!  I want to go again!

And I talked to the guys at the lost & found... they're on the hunt for the missing wedding band.  :-)

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  1. Provo weather is so tricky!! I got caught in a huge slush of snow the other day, only for it to stop as soon as I walked inside my apartment.