Facebook Fast

{Day One}

Alright, Facebook is useful.  It has the capability of locating and connecting people across continents who otherwise maybe never would have gotten in touch.  It's great.  But the Firefox server does this nasty little thing where it automatically inserts my most visited web address, which happens to be Facebook, into my search bar.  It's trying to do the thinking for me.  And I've been letting it!

So every time I get onto the computer with a goal in mind {like, hmm, I dunno, homework!} I get distracted.  Facebook always comes first.  And if you're visiting Facebook several times a day, guess what!  It gets really really boring.  Painfully boring.  Like I'd really rather chew off my fingers than sit around on Facebook staring at the homepage feed, but for some reason I'm allowing my computer to control me.

Therefore, today is my first full day of the Facebook fast.  I won't get on that website even once between now and April 22nd, when I graduate.
Maybe I'll earn a few extra minutes each day to do those little domestic things I've been slacking on.  I haven't made the bed in a week- and how long does that take, really?  Only one Facebook visit?   :-)


  1. I should do that too, its such a waste of time! But so addicting!

  2. go for it. You'll see that not checking facebook, you aren't missing out on very much.

  3. wow good for you! I don't get on that much cuz I have the blog, but when I do-I am hooked for a while. It's just so fun for me to look at pictures and see what everyone's up to!

  4. How productive of you (I should follow your example)!! I'm just glad you're still blogging :)

  5. I know how you feel!!! The amount of time I spend just browsing around facebook is ridiculous!!! Good luck! I want to hear how it goes:) Maybe you will be the inspiration I need to do the same!!