Can't Sleep

It's almost midnight.  Roy has been snoozing silently beside me for about an hour and a half.  I tried to sleep for a while at first.  But you know how still the night is?  {Ok, other than when our entire bedroom rattles every time a train passes.}

You know the nights where the only thing you can hear is your own breathing?  And when that breathing hurts because your throat feels raw, it's kind of distracting and makes it hard to relax and just sleep.  Normally I would say, "YES!  An excuse to down some NyQuil!"  Tonight I'm resisting the temptation.  Why?  Because I have two papers and a test to study for tomorrow and I need to be able to keep my eyes open.

Any drug that causes drowsiness has a crazy impact on me.  I fall fast and hard into a dreamless sleep that can last for 24 hours if someone doesn't pull me out.  And even when I wake I walk around like I'm filled with sand.  So heavy and slow.  The last two days my head has been bobbing until about 3 pm.  Then I'm wide awake, can't sleep, and ready for more to put me out.

I sound like an addict.  Well I can assure you that I'm not.  See, I'm writing as therapy, hoping it will soothe me to sleep.  No more NyQuil.

Hopefully I get over being sick soon because we have some traveling to do this weekend for Leah's wedding.  :-)  Not to mention I have homework to do before we can go.

OK, what can I write about to lull me to sleep?

Tonight Roy and I saw Disney's Tangled with our friends Matt and Sarah.  What an amazing movie.  I laughed, I cried-- okay I didn't actually cry.  But there was a little girl a few rows ahead of ours that did enough crying for all of us.  Spoiler alert: there is a part where our "prince charming" of sorts dies from a stab wound.  He cut Rapunzel's healing, magical hair to forfeit his life to save hers.  It seems that all is lost.  And then we hear the little girl ahead of us bawling loudly, "But she doesn't have any magic left!!!!"

Haha!  That's exactly what the creative minds behind the movie wanted!  There is so much emotion in that movie, I absolutely love it.  As we watched the credits roll at the end I watched as though waiting for my own name to scroll past.  I wish it had.  A movie like that makes me wish I could have been part of the creative team.

Can you imagine?  Script writing for Disney?  Story boarding?  Now there's a dream.  I told Roy that maybe instead of getting my master's in creative writing I'll look into a film program.  It's kind of a joke... I think.

Before I start rambling senselessly I'm going to end here.  Maybe it's better to lull myself to sleep in a less public way- haha!  Goodnight.

P.S. I just looked over at Roy, still sleeping, and he had this huge cheesy smile on his face.  Hahaha!  Then he started mumbling something, so I asked him, "What, Roy?  What are you dreaming about?"
He said, "Dreaming about doing the same tax return that I already did."
Well I guess we know what Roy's dream is.
Who knew work made him so happy!


  1. Hey! My major is English, with an emphasis in creative writing. I la la LOOVVVED Tangled. And can't wait to see it again.

  2. the dvd comes out sooooon...the endish of the month...loved it in 3 d if you think you will get sleep as your life gets hectic...think will wish for the freight train rumbling through yout apt...and i always wished nyquil did what it is suppose to sends me into two days of sleepless are such a fun writetr....disney would do well to have you write for them=0

  3. I SAY DO IT!!! Write movies. Media is very powerful stuff. We need more "Tangled-s" in the media sphere.