Thank You St. V!

Wow, I just realized I have been posting on this blog for a year.  Last year my post was "Confessions of a Valentine Hater."  How precious, watching me develop a heart.

I'm completely over the loathing.  In fact, I'd really like to personally thank St. Valentine and anyone else who got this holiday going.  This celebration couldn't get too commercial.  It's promoting love!  How awesome!  We should have more of these, don't you think?

Well, as my boss (Rick Walton) says, "In the first year of your marriage, every day is Valentine's Day."  :-)

He was trying to make me feel better as I told him that I didn't have any time to do anything for V-day this year.  I'm juggling too many things.  Roy told me not to worry about it.  We could celebrate V-day on Saturday.

So I was completely surprised all day long on February 14th, thinking that we weren't going to be celebrating.  I woke up to a big heart stuffed animal.  Later I found roses.  When I went to leave for school and work, my car was decorated and there was a balloon and chocolates inside.  Just one thing after another.  Every time I was surprised- and I absolutely love being surprised.  On one of the busiest days of my semester, I had a permanent smile on my face.  But I vowed to get my revenge the following weekend.

And I did.  On Saturday.  And check it out: it was my most ambitious cooking yet!

 Here's the set-up.  This is with the lights on, but I had floating candles.  As part of my gift I finally ordered some wedding pictures and put them in some awesome frames we got as wedding gifts.  They will go up in the hallway.

And here is his seat- smothered in love! 

Ta-Da!  Avocado-Crab Appetizer! 

Yes, I crossed into the world of seafood.  It's really not so bad.  I guess it helps that I bought the crab already chunked- I don't think I would have enjoyed ripping it's flesh out of its hard outer shell.  But there is also shrimp in there, cucumber, all mixed together with mayonnaise and cilantro.  Topped it off with paprika.

Roy LOVED it!  But I got a little scolding for making something that I won't eat.  The guy's practically turning himself into a vegetarian because he almost never lets me make meaty foods for him.  But I don't mind making that stuff.  You know, as long as I'm not plucking the chicken or tearing open crab.

My main course was veg, though.  A really really yummy pasta: asparagus, peas, whipping cream, mozzarella cheese, and all kinds of playing with seasonings.  

And my final gift?

A new wedding band.  *Sigh*


  1. Fun! You sure did more than me! Good job at the cooking thing...I'm trying to do more of that now-a-days. But SEAFOOD!! Uh, i dunno. Everyone keeps telling us that king crab or snow or something is amazing, but we are not big into the seafood scene...haha!

  2. You have to give me the recipe for the crab/ avocado thing!