A Frozen Wedding Band

Roy and I hit the slopes for the first time this winter a few weeks ago. I've been really into snowboardjng for most of my life. I love it! I'm so happy that my hubby is quickly falling in love with it too.

After snowboarding throughout most of the night, we arrived back at our car famished and ready to find a Denny's. Pancakes 24 hours a day! Woo hoo!

We got in the car and drove away as new snow began to fall, covering the asphalt in a layer of sticky fluff. And also covering up Roy's wedding band that we didn't realize had fallen out of the safety of his pocket.

The disappearance wasn't noticed until a few hours later when we were full, warm, and getting ready for bed. Roy went to retrieve his ring from out of his pocket and found nothing but lint.

I panicked.

That was the ring we picked out together. The ring he forgot to bring into the temple for the ceremony and his dad had to run out to his car to retrieve. The ring that I put on his finger when we got married. I was ready to don my parka and go digginng through the snow that was piling up outside. Roy was willing if I was.

But I figured that most likely the roads up to the mountain would be less than favorable. It probably wasn't a good idea to try to drive up there at 2 in the morning. We decided to sleep on it.
In the morning the snow was thick.  I was sure some teenagers had probably already plowed the parking lot at the resort, not even knowing that they were burying such a precious object.

Short story long, Roy is ringless. For now, until we decide what to do. I don't like it. When we were out at a restaurant for our sixth month anniversary I told him, "Everyone who sees us probably thinks we're engaged." You know, because we are so passed that stage.  Roy sweetly assured me that no one even noticed.

A while later a couple came and sat down at a table next to us. It was one of those places where you're practically sharing a table with everyone around you. I got up and went to the bathroom. Apparently while I was gone the couple beside us asked Roy, "So when's the date?"
We're married, I promise! We're practically veterans--it's been six months! Our wedding band is just frozen in some giant snow mound. And I love that ring too much to get another one. Call me sentimental.

If I can stand the wait, at the first sign of spring I'm going up to that resort and hunting down our little treasure. Anyone have a metal detector?

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  1. This is a little early in the marriage to have such a situation....Im sure you have asked Heavenly Father....He knows where it is:)