Forsaken Thanks

Shocking- I found a few scraps of spare time this last week.  So I used them to organize our apartment a little better.

What?  We've only been living here for like six months, were we supposed to have our boxes unpacked already? 

And then I found them: a small dusty pile of forsaken thank you cards from our wedding.  Personalized, sealed and everything.  All they're missing are stamps.

Somehow in the move these little buggers were shoved out of sight and apparently out of mind.  I'm a horrible person.

So what do I do?  At this point is it too late?  They're already sealed, so it's not like I can include a sorry note with our thank you card.  Would anyone still appreciate them seven months late?

Maybe it's not a big deal and these six people never noticed that they didn't get a thank you card.  Or maybe I've broken some etiquette that will result in me being shunned from polite society forever


  1. SEND THEM!!!! Although, the rule is three months... it is always better to send them than not and risk having people be offended! That's my advice :)

  2. Thanks Alex, I think you're right. I'll send them ASAP!