My Last First Day

Today was my last first day of school. I'll never have another first day of school ever again! No more glassy-eyed mornings of syllabuses, or nervously waiting to see what kind of person is going to slink into the seat next to me.  No more wandering through the hallways desperately trying to figure out why there is a room 102 and a 104 but no 103. Never again to carefully choose and claim my seat in the center, third row back-- or sometimes having to settle for a less perfect seat. And teachers... Never again to hold my breath at the sight of a briefcase, hoping that they are a person who at least has a conscience and won't make me do ungodly amounts of reading.
Nope, all of this is officially in the past. At least for a while. Who knows, in a year I could be applying to master's programs. But it isn't certain. Wait, i guess nothing is certain. Maybe I won't graduate. Maybe today actually wasn't my last first day of my undergraduate career. This eighth British literature class is going to sink me! Okay, okay... I need to stop. By the end of April you will find a picture of me in my cap and gown on this blog. That's certain.

I bet Mom wishes she were still up here so she could take pictures of me on my last first day


  1. Last Semester!! Don't worry we will survive British lit!

  2. ooooo what a feeling....dancing on the ceiling....Congratulations...cant wait for pics...way to BEEEEEEEE Elliot......Loves!