Law School

The LSAT contains six sections of logic reasoning testing that determine your worth as a potential law student.  For most schools, the LSAT seems to be the biggest determining factor for admittance.

Roy has been studying his brains out for months.  He woke up every morning at seven and studied for two hours before going to work.  When he got home we ate dinner together and watched an episode of The Office {oh family traditions :-)} and afterwards he locked himself in a room to study.  Well, really he locked me out of a room so I wouldn't distract him.  He'd study until he couldn't hold his eyes open any longer.  Really, he worked hard.  And I'm proud of him.

Now that he's taken the LSAT we are just waiting on the results.  All we have left to do is apply to the schools.  We're applying to eight different places, but our top choices are BYU Law, U of A Law, and Willamette Law.  Roy's resume is all cleaned up and his paperwork is done.  All that's left is the personal statement.

Which was basically finished yesterday.

And then deleted.

It's a long story of technical difficulties and unforeseen events, but it's gone.  It was a good one too.  Roy's an amazing writer.  When we read it to my sister she said, "Oh clearly Elliot wrote that," and I told her that Roy really did!  The guy is good!

But now we just gotta hope the original can be duplicated.

Ugh, why???  So much work down the drain!  It's frustrating.  Even more for him that for me!  But we are in the same boat, right?  Whatever happens, we're in it together.  So isn't it okay for me to be freaking out just as much as he is?  Maybe freaking out a little more?

Roy, you're brilliant and we've totally got this!

Bright side: it doesn't have to be turned in for a week or so.  And we still have the notes we brainstormed together.  And tomorrow is Christmas Eve-- perfect day to start again... I guess.

Two things going through my mind with this personal statement business:

1.)  Legally Blonde.  Ell Woods and her video.  Hmmm, I wonder if Roy swam around in a... no, I don't think that would work quite the same way.

2.)  I veto personal statements and nominate Mr. Sorting Hat.  Can we just skip the papers and tests and get right to the part where you tell us where we belong?

P.S. We've been in Tucson this week leading up to Christmas!  So nice to be with the family.  Oh and back in shorts and 70 degree weather too.  :-)

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