Goodbye 2010

Best year ever.  Shall we recap?  Here are some of the huge highlights:
-- Got married to my best friend and had perfect receptions
-- Dream vacation in Hawaii (honeymoon)
-- Landed a job that's exactly what I need
-- Mason (little brother) went out on his mission to California
-- Alexa (little sister) graduated high school and started her first semester of college
-- Zac (little twirp) started high school
-- Two of my best friends got married!
-- Roy graduated with his Bachelor's
-- Discovered my love for cooking (OK, I started trying)

HOW?  How can it get any better?  It can't be topped.

But, I'd like to see you try, 2011.

Happy New Year!

P.S. Christmas details coming soon

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  1. This is me pushing the like button....Happy 2011! SWEET!