Ultimate Test

It's the ultimate test for a new wife.


Pretty scary.  In the last several years I don't think I've even touched turkey lunch meat, much less a whole dead carcass.  Am I going to fix a turkey this year?  Well- it kinda sounds like fun now.


This Thanksgiving will be the second one I spend away from Tucson and away from my parents and family.   The first one was in London.  But we were all out of place in the UK.  For those of you who don't know {and I really think it's great how many people are surprised by this fact} people in Great Britain do not celebrate Thanksgiving.  Yeah, I know, imagine that.  

But I guess I've been somewhat out of place every year-- even in the states.  My mom, aunts, grandma, and skilled cousins get together the morning before Thanksgiving to get cooking.  And then they camp out in the kitchen for like the next 48 hours.  No bathroom breaks unless urgent.  {K, a little sarcastic, but you get the picture.}  Of course the food is always ridiculously amazing looking and tasting.  My family needs to start a holiday magazine.  The whole deal just isn't something a cooking-hater like me would ever want to do.  During the holiday I pretty much avoided kitchens.  I stick to folding napkins or picking out the matching silverware.

But this year I don't know what to expect!  New traditions?  

I'll call my mom-in-law and try to get a feel for what a Buckmaster Thanksgiving is like.  One thing is for sure, I want in on the kitchen this year.

Everyone wish me luck... you know I'll probably need it.  I'd hate to ruin our first Thanksgiving.

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