Watching the Change

If you didn't grow up in the desert (and I mean the true desert with cacti forests and .0001% chance of snow in a decade) then you may think this post is ridiculous.  In fact, I'd stop right here.  You've had seasons before.  Watching summer fade into fall is probably as interesting to you as breathing.  It happens.  Not a big deal.

But for me, it's a big big deal!  It's hard to keep my eyes on the road these days with all these crazy cool colors flying by my side windows.  Watching the change is beautiful.

Just a few days ago I noticed that some trees were still a rich green on the bottom half, but bright red on the top half.  I thought it was so awesome, I was determined to get some pictures as soon as I was able to find some time.  Well, I found time today and yet everything has changed.  Fall falls fast!

I have mixed feelings about watching the next change: fall into winter.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is snowboard.  But I've learned there's a difference between the perfectly manicured slopes of a resort and the stuff you have to trudge through on the sides of busy roads.  Black + crusty + sharp= misery.

Plus, snow covers up so many beautiful things.  The BYU landscape team will have to take a break from the flowers, I guess.

It'll be cool to see all of "The Art City's" statues all dusted white, I guess.

I'll miss seeing students laying out in the grass with their books and laptops and eating their lunches at picnic tables under the sun.  During winter everyone just tromps with their heads down, trying to get inside of a building as soon as possible.

And I doubt I'll run into deer on campus during the winter!


  1. I try not to take fall for live in one of the most beautiful areas of Utah for favorite time of the year...even in Tucson(thats where Im at) Winter is beautiful as well but to bad we cant have the beauty of the snow without the C-O-L-D:) your blog....keep bloggin!oh this is donetta marcy was signed in i guess

  2. hey, remember that one time when we both stopped to take pictures of the deer? haha i think fall is fascinating too. it's my new favorite season!