Our 1st Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
This month has been filled to the brim with Halloween fun.  Prepare for a picture mania.

Of course, on October first I got to bust out the holiday's decorations.  This isn't the first time I've decorated my own place.  I had three Halloweens as a single college student where I got to put up a few things in our apartment.  But this year is way more exciting.  Everything is mine (and Roy's).  There's not five other girls I need to OK my sticky window ghosts with.  I got to just go crazy!

Isn't our pumpkin cute?

I like my ghost.  He especially looks cool from outside when it's dark.  But I swear every other time I walked out into the kitchen he made me jump.  I wont be too sad to take him down.

Roy bought the cobwebs.

He also bought these plates!  They were surprise presents for me :-)  

But a lot of the rest of these decorations were from my mom {either from previous Halloweens when she'd send me a "Spooky Halloween Bag" or from this year when she went shopping on her visit and accidentally left a bag of decorations}  I've got a great mom!  

As part of my mission {to become awesomely domestic} I decided to make some of my own decorations!  I got together with Shellena while our husbands were out and we got our crafty on.  

To be honest, I was hoping to give my creations away as gifts but... I ended up liking them too much.

I did give away a few of the magnets we made.  Let's be rational... I don't really need 40 magnets.  They were really easy to make.  We just got some Halloween paper, dragon tear rocks, magnets, hot glue, and used the miracle of mod podge.  

We also made little signs.  More paper and mod podge, then buttons and ribbon too.  I had mine hung on our front door.  Only a few days later our friends found it out on the grass.  My flimsy little ribbon wasn't  up to the crazy October wind storms I guess.

with Matt and Sarah {to be married in December and we're so excited for them!}

And it wouldn't be Halloween without

The same night we decorated cookies we also got Carson and Shellena fatally addicted to Mario Bros Wii.  Muahaha!  Now they keep inviting themselves over to play... we LOVE it!

So for Halloween weekend Roy and I went on a creepy adventure to an abandoned house with Kenny and Andrea.  

Andrea could barely walk straight, she was so scared.  For some reason having someone clinging to me makes me feel braver.  So I wasn't that terrified, really.  But it looked oober creepy!

What WAS scary was the movie we watched inside of the house on a laptop.  Kenny used a broom to clear the glass, plaster, and other debris from a spot on the squishy green carpet.  Then I laid down a blanket for us to sit on {cuz ew, mold and whatnot}.  We leaned against the cracked walls and jumped at every creek or groan the old house made.  

At one point some other kids came to explore the house.  Must be a big Halloween activity.  Roy accidentally scared the crap out of one kid.  Hilarious.


As far as dressing up went... let's just say we used what we could find.

{pardon the un-politically correctness}

I know I know, you're wondering how we pulled off such amazing costumes.  Scarf, headband, lipgloss that I then smeared brown eyeshadow over so it would stick.  Also T-shirts that looked somewhat... well they're both touristy AZ shirts.  'Nuf said.

These pictures are from an amazing party thrown by our friends Phil and Laura {recently married... everyone is getting or has gotten married!!}  It wasn't a Halloween party, per say, but we were all dressed up, so it counts.

Oh and this was my first try at throwing an axe.  I'm a natural!  I think I'll quit school and wild savage professionally.

Basically, the funnest October of my life thus far.  And I'm pretty sure there will be some more good ones in the future.

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. What great pics, and I love the plates! Happy Halloween!

  2. Hahaha I love how open Roy's eyes are in that last picture...